Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Loosening Lug Nuts

Anyone who has ever laid on his back straining to protrude veins on his forehead due to a stubborn or corrosion-damaged nut will explain to you the value of an impact wrench.

Impact wrench seems like an unnecessary tool for the average person until urgently needed. In addition, if you need to tighten something that is beyond the reach of human hands, it is best to do it as tightly as possible with the help of the instrument or everything may end badly.

Choosing the best cordless impact wrench depends on several factors, among them – where you will use it, and what kind of twisting force you need. The wrench and screwdriver are different in direction and power. Screwdrivers, as a rule, have a detachable hexagon chuck, and impact wrench is equipped with a 1/2 “or 3/8” square head.

Quick comparison

Model:Chuck sizeImpacts per minuteTorquePrice
Bosch IDH182-02L
1/2 and 3/4
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Makita XWT04Z
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Makita XWT08Z
1/2 (or 3/4 XWT07Z model)
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Milwaukee 2763-22
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Best 2 in 1 tool – Cordless Impact Driver and the Wrench

No Load IPM: 0 – 3,200 | No Load RPM: 0 – 2,800 | Torque (ft. lbs.): 130 | Drive chuck: 1/2 and 1/4 | Length: 6.2 Inch | Weight: 3.20lb | Battery Voltage: 18v

Meet the Bosch IDH182-02L – hybrid tool. Usually, hybrid tools do two things badly instead of doing one thing well, so we generally try to avoid them. But in this case, you will not be disappointed by the wrench/screwdriver offered by Bosch. With it, you can use 1/4-inch hexagonal cartridges and 1/2-inch head without the use of an adapter. The “nose” of this instrument hardly sticks out, but if you constantly have to choose between a screwdriver and a wrench, a slight bulge and inconvenience is nothing compared to choosing a single new tool. The three-speed brushless motor gives torque output around 130 ft-lbs and 2800 no-load rpm.

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Bosch IDH182B impact driver and the wrench


For those who prefer Japanese quality tools

No Load IPM: 0 – 2,200 | No Load RPM: 0 – 1,600 | Torque (ft. lbs.): 325 | Drive chuck: 1/2 | Length: 10-1/2″ | Weight: 7.5lbs | Battery Voltage: 18v

Visit almost any professionals garage, and you will find quite a lot of Makita tools. Among impact wrenches, they are the most in demand among those who know how to choose the best tool for theirs needs. With the Makita XWT04Z 18V LXT, you will have 325 ft.lbs torque at your disposal. The size of this cordless impact wrench is not so big at all: compact design for less fatigue at the size of 10-1/2″ long and about 7.5 lbs of weight when you add one of the excellent 4.0 Ah batteries, which provide a lot of hours of work and these powerful batteries are also very quickly charged. What’s can I say, If you need a decent cordless impact wrench and Japanese made for doing some work around your house then the Makita XWT04Z is the best choice with only one downside – the price.

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Makita XWT04Z impact wrench


Best rated cordless impact wrench

No Load IPM: 0 – 2,700 | No Load RPM: 0 – 2,300 | Torque (ft. lbs.): 150 | Drive chuck: 1/2 | Length: 5.7 Inch | Weight: 3.4lbs | Battery Voltage: 20v

DEWALT DCF880M2 impact wrench has the outstanding rating which is 4,6 stars! Prices for impact wrenches to some extent follow the pricing scheme for mobile electronics: it increases while the size decreases. This model from the masters of mobility DeWalt gives 150ft-lbs of torque, which is far from outstanding results, but its weight is only 3.4 and has portable size, which makes it possible to take it with you without a problem in a purse to a night disco. Please note that when you purchase this wrench it is unlikely to get tool only, unlike tools from the Makita, DEWALT DCF880M2 usually comes bundled with a case, battery and battery charger. Which is good of course.

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DEWALT DCF883M2 cordless impact wrench


Best cordless impact wrench for mechanics

No Load IPM: 0 – 2,200 | No Load RPM: 0 – 1,800 | Torque (ft. lbs.): 780 | Drive chuck: 1/2  (or 3/4) | Length: 9 Inch | Weight: 8.1lbs | Battery Voltage: 18v

This is a much more powerful tool for those who need a cordless impact wrench exclusively for a frequent mechanical work, where large bolts and devices are needed in order to cope with them. Makita XWT08Z LXT even used to connect the plates of armor tanks. It provides 740ft-lbs fastening torque and 1,180ft-lbs break-away torque and is also equipped with a 1/2-inch square head that works with a regular set of sockets. Let’s try this tool on the bolts of the bridge beams or the nuts of Boeing Dreamliner. This tool will cope with this.

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 Makita XWT07Z LXT is the best for mechanics


Best cordless impact wrench for changing tires and loosening lug nuts

No Load IPM: 0 – 2,300 | No Load RPM: 0 – 1,700 | Torque (ft. lbs.): 700 | Drive chuck: 1/2 | Length: 9 Inch | Weight: 8.0lbs | Battery Voltage: 18v

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 Impact Wrench is one of the best cordless impact wrench that you can buy for every work that can be found around your house. This cordless impact wrench has an incredibly high rating – 4.8 stars and this is a number one best-seller in the Amazon store. Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 delivers up to 700 ft.lbs of maximum fastening torque and up to 1,100 ft.lbs of nut break-away torque and equipped with a 1/2″ square drive size.

One of the best things about this impact wrench is that it comes with a case and two M18 Red Lithium XC 5.0 battery packs. So you don’t need to buy them separately, which makes this impact wrench the best buy for under $400.

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Milwaukee 2763-22

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