The 7 Best Drones for the Money in 2017

It’s the 2017 and now drones are used not only by paparazzi and film crews it’s widely available for anyone. If you decide to purchase a drone, then check out our selection of various types of these devices. Below we offer our recommendations, which will help you make the right choice and buy the best drone for the money.

So, a simple model for beginners will cost you at least $50, and a drone with a camera will cost several thousand dollars. More sophisticated drones with good HD camera will be purchased at a price of around $500-600, they offer customizable and programmable functions that turn them into truly autonomous devices that can make their own decisions. Plus, recently a new class of “racing” drones appeared on the market, which also found their fans.


UDI U818A+ is the best drone for beginners

UDI U818A is a good choice for beginners
Average Battery Life: 7-9 minutes | Camera: 2MP, 30 fps | Price: under $100 | Control from Smartphone: No

Training in drone controlling begins with learning how to not break it. This process starts with failures, so beginners need a device that, on the one hand, will be strong, and on the other hand it will be cheap enough that it would not be a shame to break it against a tree. At a price of under $100 the UDI U818A+ offers a large set of functions, besides this drone are easy to control. A special frame protects large rotors from possible damage, and the rotors themselves are cheap and easily replaceable. Bonus for beginners – an installed video camera that shoots video with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (720p). Camera in this drone is not the best one so it will not be possible to shoot mega-cool high-quality movies, but this device will still give you a completely new look at the flight. And for its price this is, also is the best drone under $100.

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Best budget drone – Blade Nano QX RTF

BLADE Nano QX RTF is pretty cheap Quadcopter
Average Battery Life: 8 minutes | Camera: No | Price: under $100 | Control from Smartphone: No

So, you bought a cheap drone, learned how to manage it, and now you want something more. Blade Nano QX RTF will suit you perfectly because it offers a large selection of options for the pilot who wants more at a lower cost. The price is less than $80 for the base model Blade Nano QX RTF without super features and camera and the more advanced model the Nano QX FPV RTF (with the camera and lots of advanced features) have the price under $500. The Blade Nano QX RTF is fast and has good maneuverability than the other models in this price range, this drone is inexpensive, so if something happens to it, you will not be very upset.

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Best drone with HD camera for under $600 – Parrot BeBop 2

Parrot BeBop 2 FPV has really good HD camera.
Average Battery Life: 23 minutes | Camera: 14MP, 30 fps | Price: under $600 | Control from Smartphone: Yes

You don’t have to sell your car to buy the best drone, that has a good quality camera and with sufficient battery life. With a price of under $600, Parrot Bebop 2 is the cheapest way to shoot extremely good video during the flight. A phone or tablet with the basic controls allows you to intuitively control it, also, you can use Parrot Skycontroller 2 and special “glasses” to control it. Plus, Parrot is the leading company on the market, so accessories to it will be inexpensive, and to find them there will not be any problems.

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Best mini drone to buy for the price of under $50 – Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini

Holy Stone HS170 is a good inexpensive mini drone
Average Battery Life: 6-8 minutes | Camera: No | Price: under $50 | Control from Smartphone: No

At the cost of under $50, the Holy Stone HS170 will give you a whole lot of fun for the very little money. This unusually nice device has really small size. Beginning users will appreciate four bright LED indicators, which allow you to launch it in flight even at night. This mini-drone is wind resistance and has a control range of about 30-50 meters. Without a doubt, this is the best mini drone for under $50 and it’s very popular on Amazon.

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Best drone for video and photography- DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 is the best flying drone with camera
Average Battery Life: 24 minutes | Camera: 4k/60p, 1080p/120 fps | Price: $1300-3000 | Control from Smartphone: Yes

Beginners will love the simple control and flying abilities of the Phantom 4, while experienced pilots will appreciate the power and speed of this aerodynamic device. It offers several sophisticated stand-alone modes and a Smart feature. In addition, the drone boasts a 4K video camera, capable of shooting video and photos in excellent quality. All this quality will cost you a pretty penny, but if you are seriously doing this business, then it definitely will suit you the best.

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Best quadcopter for GoPro- 3DR Solo Drone

3DR Solo is good for GoPro
Average Battery Life: 22 minutes | Camera: Optional (GoPro) | Price: under $300-400 | Control from Smartphone: No, but you can stream live video from GoPro to your smartphone

If you have a GoPro and want the best drone with HD video then the 3DR Solo Drone will be the good pick. This drone has a unique function – you can stream video from GoPro to your smartphone. Also, with 3DR Solo drone, you can shot amazing selfies and this device has many amazing features so check the product page. The controller of this drone and the control apps is definitely better than the competitors. The design is also not bad. Plus, this drone is easier to manage thanks to a more responsive control joystick and special flight modes. It can even fly autonomously. And open source code says that it is uniquely designed for professionals and software developers.

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Best inexpensive drone for racing- Hubsan X4

Affordable drone with 0.3MP camera
Average Battery Life: 7 minutes | Camera: 0.3MP 720×240/60 fps | Price: under $50 | Control from Smartphone: No

Beginners who want a drone for racing should start with this model. It offers speed and maneuverability thanks to the light frame, though the quality of the video here is lame. It can be found cheap, spare parts are available and have the low-price, which is very good because your drone will definitely suffer during training and racing. If you really seriously think about racing, then choose this model as your first drone.

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