Top Baits: 10 Best Lures for Pike Fishing

The main guarantee of success in pike fishing by spinning is a thorough imitation of the behavior of a live fish by the lures. With the right choice of a bait and with a good rolling retrieve and trolling you have a good chance of catching this large predatory fish. Pike fishing on a wobbler (a type of fishing lure) is the most exciting and successful. It is hardly possible today to find an angler who knows nothing about this type of bait.

A large range of wobblers, on the one hand, is an obvious advantage, and on the other, significantly complicates their choice. In this article, we will describe in detail the advantages of wobblers in a pike catching and provide the list of the top ten lures for pike.

Catching an active pike will not be difficult for any pike lure. As for catching passive fish, then in this situation it’s best to recommend a Suspend Minnow Lure.

1. Ima Flit 120 1/2

Best Pike Fishing Lures - Ima Flit 120 1/2

The bait has a narrow elongated body which is equipped with 3 hooks, in terms of buoyancy – a suspended. Inside the body of the lure, there are metal balls. When rolling, they make the bait play in the most unpredictable way.

  • Lure size: 120 mm.
  • Weight: 14 g.

When trolling the Ima Flit 120 goes under water at 1.5-2 m. With small accelerations – up to 3 meters. As for the coloring, the whole presented series is equally catching.

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2. ZipBaits Khamsin SR

Best Pike Fishing Lures - ZipBaits Khamsin SR suspending lure

This lure looks like a small “thinner crucian carp”, it is supplied with a tungsten. This allows you to throw the bait far away, and also perfectly balances the lure in the water. This lure is available in two versions: 50 and 70 mm long and weighs 4g and 9.5 g correspondingly. The lure is equipped with a small submersible blade and is designed to work at a depth of 0.5 to 1.5 m. This has proven to be effective at slow rolling retrieve and weakly aggressive twitching. The bait is equipped with two hooks. All colors of this model are equally good.

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3. Megabass Vision 110

Best Pike Fishing Lures - Megabass Vision 110

This lure weighs 14.2g and reaches a length of 110 mm. The Megabass Vision 110 slowly emerges, controlled by two tungsten balls located in its body. During casting, they increase the distance of the bait flight, and during rolling retrieve add additional swing, which positively affects the lure movement and chance to catch a pike. The working depth of the Megabass Vision 110 model is up to 1 m. This lure is equipped with 3 hooks.

This is the best pike lure in 2016. Absolute favorite of many fishermen following the fishing season last year. This is indicated by a lot of reviews and photo reports with the participation of Megabass Vision OneTen.

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4. Megabass Vision 95 Q-GOBest Pike Fishing Lures - Megbass 95QGO is great lure for a pike and a bass.

Fishing lures from famous Japanese company the Megabass are very popular among anglers, thanks to the quality, originality, and catchability of their lures. Most of the models can be called a piece of art. The Vision 95 Q-GO comes in a single version, 9.5 cm long with a weight of 10.5 grams and a dive depth of 1 meter.

Recommended rolling retrieve: trolling and pauses.  The most successful color for pike fishing: Setsuki Ayu (on the photo)

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5. Lucky Craft Fishing Lure Pointer 100 DD

Best Pike Fishing Lures - Lucky Craft Fishing Lure Pointer 100 DD

This bait suitable for most ponds in which pike dwells. The length of the lure is 100 mm and weight is around 18 g. The preferred rolling retrieve is twitching. This bait “rustles” well in the water, which, together with its dimensions, allows to attract a predator far from the place of catching. The undeniable advantage of the Pointer is that even during a pause in the rolling retrieve, this bait continues to swing. The Pointer 100DD dive about 6-7 feet deep and suspend when paused. This bait is equipped with two hooks.

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6. Jackall JSQUDM80-GMBest Pike Fishing Lures - Jackall JSQUDM80-GM bait

This suspender lure is ideal for those who decided to get experience with twitching. The length of the body of the bait is 82 mm. and it weighs only 9.7 g. The advantages of Jackall include the rapid departure to the declared depth of 0.8-1.2 m, as well as the constant presence on it throughout the entire pulling/jerking. This model is equipped with two high-quality hooks. Pike likes the neutral colors of this lure model.

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7. O.S.P Rudra 130 SP

Best Pike Fishing Lures - Rudra 130SP is very effective and the big fishing lure.

A popular bait with impressive dimensions (13 cm), weighing from 17 to 22 grams and a depth of diving of up to 6ft. It is well known by strong vibrational movements and lateral deviations when jerking. Due to this, this pike lure is recommended during the autumn period. Recommendation about rolling retrieve: jerking with pauses and twitching.

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8. Jackall Tiny Magallon

Best Pike Fishing Lures - Jackall Tiny Magallon is very popular among the angers.

Two-part lure-suspender designed for catching in shallow water. Immersed to a depth of 0.8 m. The narrow body of the bait reaches a length of 88 mm. and weighs 7.2 g. This lure is equipped with two hooks. An interesting feature of this model is the presence of a silicone tail, which adds interesting “play” to a lure when jerking. The Magallon shows good results in a pike catching even when just rolling retrieve, however, for the best results, it is preferable to use twitching.

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9. Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Lure

Best Pike Fishing Lures - Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Lure

Drowning 7/8oz lure which has excellent flight characteristics when casting and active lure play. The size is 66 mm. Inside the Yu-Zuri Crystal, there is a cargo of cylindrical shape, which plays the role of a rattle and additionally attracts a predator to the bait. The working depth is up to 13 feet. The most effective use is aggressive trolling.

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10. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait 10

Best Pike Fishing Lures - Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait 10 is another great choice for pike fishing.

This lure rightfully considered as a “pike killer” and this lure is simply necessary for every fisherman. It has excellent sensitivity and catchability. The length of this suspender is 100 mm., Weight – 13 g. The X-Rap is submerged to a depth of 3-8 feet. The model has good aerodynamics, which makes it possible to cast on long distances.

This lure showed itself best for pike fishing with slowly, aggressive trolling. Almost all colors of those lures are equally catching.

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Why is this type of lure good for a pike fishing?

Compared to silicone baits and other types of fishing lures the wobblers have advantage listed below:

  • A surprising similarity with the natural coloration of a fish, which predator likes to eat.
  • The ability to accurately repeat the natural movement of a fish.
  • The wobblers “start to work”, as soon as it touches the water and the longer it is in it, the higher the probability of a catch.
  • High-quality wobblers are wear-resistance and will last you a long time
  • Good catchability
  • Available in many colors
  • Additional noise effect, which is due to the rattles built into the body of the wobblers.
  • It’s possible to catch a northern pike even without moving a wobbler

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