Best World Maps for Pinning your travels

Every traveler wants this world map, and not only a traveler, everyone wants it! An ideal gift for your friends or yourself. On this world map, you can mark cities and countries you have visited with pins! Have you been in Canada for example? If yes then just stick the pin on the map and mark it as visited. This is much better than online map services because you don’t need to visit a site every time when you want to see your beautiful map.

Types of the world map for pins.

There are several types of maps – just paper map or mounted on a cardboard or on a special foam, also you can buy only USA map or the world map. The usual paper maps are cheaper, but if you hang them on the wall, sticking pins will be difficult, and your wall will be damaged. Paper maps without a frame and special material behind the map don’t look as beautiful as professionally made maps for pins.
Special maps for pins, not only protect your wall from damage, but also decorate your home, your guests will be delighted with this map, and you too. You will regularly look at it and remember the places you have visited.

What is the best world map for pinning your travels?

 Push Pin USA Travel Map by Craig Frames.

United States map for pins

This framed world map with push pins is available in many colors, so you can choose the color of the frame like Faux Barnwood, Brazilian Walnut, White, Mahogany and many more colors.

The size of this world map is 24 inches by 36 inches and the good thing about it – 100 pins are included! This USA map looks absolutely beautiful and if you travel a lot around the United States and want to pin locations that you have visited then this map is what’s you are looking for.

World map for pins by Craig Frames.

World map for pins

Same as above but this time this is a world map, you can customize frame color and lot’s of colors available.

And the third modification of the world map is so called Executive.

Framed World Ma for ins

Same manufacturer as maps from above and ability to chose from the different frame colors but this one has the different world map color and looks absolutely stunning.

Cork Board World Map by Conquest. Looks like an old pirate map!

Good looking world map for wall to pin

If you want a corkboard world map for pins, then this one is amazing choose! Just look at how beautiful this map looks! Also compared to the previous one, back of this map is made of durable corkboard material (¼” sheet of cork). This map is fully hand crafted from the start to finish and can be personalized a little. You can choose between two sizes – large 36×24″ and 24×16″ and you can choose which pin colors you would like to have with your map

Ideal wall map made of cork

Also, this manufacturer has map styles like this one from above and many others and also you can buy USA map so check the order page by clicking button below.

Great World Map by the iPosters company.

This company makes several maps and lot’s of wall posters (like Katy Perry, Doctor Who, Batman e t.c) so check their store on the Amazon to see the full list of what’s they can provide to you. As for the maps, they are coated with a satin matt finish to eliminate reflections and there is foam board behind a map. The size of this world map is 38×26 inches and 25 assorted color push pins are included.

Another gorgeous framed world map made by Push Pins Travel Map.

Map for Push Pins

This company has different maps and all of them are beautifully made. The size of this pinboard map is 39.5×27.5 Inches and frame color can be customized (16 colors available) and 100 pins are included which is a good bonus. This map is exclusive design and is not only a fun and unique way for you to track your past travels and plan out future adventures, it is also a beautiful art piece for your wall.

The warm and neutral tones of this map make it a super choice for any office, home or study. This world map is up to date and has the capital of each country highlighted with a star. Each map is professionally finished in a 2-inch brown wood composite frame with a foam core and cardboard backing for durability.

This one is just brilliant! Handmade framed world map by GeoJango.

The great world travel map with push pins

What’s can I say? This map looks absolutely amazing! The Enterprise World Map is a luxury map for those who boldly go beyond! The map is absolutely thrilling and informative. The size of this map is 36×24 inches and full framed size is 40×28 inches. This map is designed by a professional Cartographer with a Master’s Degree in GIS and Environmental Science, who is extremely up-to-date with physical and cultural geographic details. Great for homeschooling, teaching and pinning you travels – this map includes extra details that encourage self-discovery.

In this map – you can find the deepest point in the ocean, the tallest peaks on Earth, see the flows of the ocean currents, ancient civilizations, and historic commentary highlighting famous explorations and voyages around the World.
And the good bonus about this map is – 100 pins (mixed colors) are included!
This pinboard world map can be customized and you can change the map title, color of the frame (which is made of wood), and also you can add addition custom text. There is another map variation from GeoJango available so check them out.

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