Fun Things to Buy on Amazon

Want something fun to buy on Amazon as a gift to your friend or to yourself? Then scroll down to find something cool to buy on the Amazon!


Bag of Unicorn Farts

Unicorn farts is a cool stuff

Well, actually this is the cotton candy but description of this product is very funny and you should check it! Gluten-free unicorn farts, delicious and fun.

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“Dump with Trump!”

Donald Trump on paper

400 sheets toilet paper! Customer questions and reviews on the Amazon are hilarious. Haters gonna hate!

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Userful and fun backscratcher

Backscratcher is a good gift

This Lady Redneck back scratcher is really useful thing to buy on Amazon. Do you remember how pleasant it is when your friend scratches your back with his fingernails? Well, this thing is much better because it’s got like 15 “fingernails” to scratch your back!

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Having a problem with a snot and tears in a cold weather?

Snittens is another cool things you can buy

Say no to using your sleeves with this cool thing from the Amazon. This Snittens can absorb up to 28x its weight in snot and tears (according to manufacturer).

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Funny Dragon Backpack

Backpack with dragon on it

Well, I don’t know what’s manufacturer was thinking when they created this “dragon backpack” but is it a dragon tail or…? Available in the 4 variations.

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Funny T-shirt

Cool t-shirt from amazon

The photo speaks for itself. This moment, when muscles are important

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Beanie Octopus

Fun beanie from Amazon

“Giant octopus just robbed the bank.”

When it’s freezing outside and strong wind is blowing, the octopus beanie will help you…or not.

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Train hard – go pro

Funny Amazon Product

Golf lovers will like this gift. When doing your “toilet” business, you can watch the photos on Instagram on your smartphone or read the instructions from the toilet spray, but it’s even better to play the golf. Now toilet time is more fun.

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Funny pillow

Funny pillow from amazon for under 5 dollars

Small and fun pillow to have in your car or office. The size of this pillow is not the biggest one (anyway I don’t think you want to have HUGE sh*t in your car) so it’s won’t take to much space with its size 23*20cm. This pillow is made from soft plush material and I hope it doesn’t smell if you know what I’m talking about. Available on Amazon for under $5.

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Bath bombs

Bath bombs from the Amazon

When you need to heal, enhance and enrich your skin what’s should you do? You can eat well or get the vitamin D or you can buy this Bath bombs! Description of this product says that is naturally rich in vitamin A, E, and F.

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Gift for lottery lovers

Soap with money in it

Don’t know whats to buy for a lottery lovers? Then you should check this duck soap with real money inside. The soap price is under $15 and each soap bar may contain $1, $5, $10, $20 or even 50 bucks! You or your friend may win or lose.

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Mouse Pad with Unicorn

Mouse pd with cat and unicorn

Another fun thing to buy on the Amazon. This time it’s not a unicorn farts. This is a mouse pad with a unicorn and “Rambo” cat on it. The unicorn mouse pad has 9 x 7.5 x 0.1-Inches dimension and its soft material is comfortable for wrists and hands.

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Beer Bottle Opener

Beer Bottle Opener

Beer opening comes to the new level! This fun beer bottle opener not only opens bottle but doubles as a cap launcher that can span over 5 meters. Impress your friends at the party with this under $5 beer opener and cap launcher.

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A girlfriend for your shower

Fun shower curtain

Curtain for the bath with a fun picture on it. The size of this curtain is 72×72-Inches. Looks very beautiful.

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Propeller Hat

Hat with propeller

One size fits most adults. Great accessory for your fun costume.

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Crazy Moose

Moose hat

Funny moose hat with huge stuffed antlers.

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Funny Bank

Funny Coin Bank

Unique bank for your coins. When you throw a coin inside this bank you will hear a fart sound. This item is very popular on the Amazon.

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Hand Sanitizer

Fun Hand Sanitizer

For travelers, this fun hand sanitizer from Amazon will come in handy. With this thing, your stops at gas stations will be safe now because this sanitizer kills germs and bacteria. Now, these pesky bacteria won’t hitch ride with you to your home.

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Fun Beard Beanie

Beanie available on Amazon for under 10

With this cool thing, you can have a beard now! Hat and mask can be split up so for the price of under $10 you can buy this beanie-beard combo.

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Fun soap for your face and…

Soap from Amazon

Tired of washing your face and the butt with the same soap side because you can’t spot what side of a soap you was using before? With this fun soap from Amazon, there is no more confusion. The White side is for your face and the brown side is for your….well, you know what is it for.

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Another fun thing from Amazon

Fresh mint

Let’s make breath fresh again! This thing contains 165 mints and your breath will be fresh for sure!

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Cool mug from Amazon

Handmade teacup is available from Amazon for under $15 and can be ordered with other texts so check this out.

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