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Best Trekking Shoes and Top Hiking Shoes – 2018

A "normal" sneakers are a great thing, but not for hiking and trekking. During hiking, more rigid shoes are required, which is not afraid of loose gravel, sharp stones or shallow water. Hiking shoes are characterized by low cut, thanks to which they are lighter, flexible and give extra freedom to ...

Best Bicycle Racks for Touring

Traveling by bike is a great way to explore new places. Also, bicycle touring is an inexpensive and healthy way to travel. And, it will bring you so many positive emotions that you will never forget. However, for bicycle touring you will need good equipment, including a reliable rear and ...

Top 5: Best Action Camera for Motorcycle

Action cameras are capable of something that ordinary cameras or smartphones can not even dream about. Thanks to the reinforced waterproof design or waterproof case, they can withstand harsh conditions and extreme situations. They can be fixed on a helmet when you hang in the air, descending a ...

Top 4: Best Budget Impact Driver

An impact driver is a very useful tool with which you can perform some complex tasks. There are corded and cordless impact drivers on the market. However, cordless impact drivers are more convenient, as they can be taken with you wherever you go as they work from rechargeable batteries, not from ...

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