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Top 5: The Best Mini Multi-Tool – 2018

Nobody wants to be unprepared for unexpected situations, so a multi-tool can be a useful tool for some situations. However, the usual multi-tools is sometimes too large in size and heavy to carry them with you in your pocket or in your bag every day. But fortunately, on the market today there ...

Top 4: Best Sailing Watches – 2018

For sailors, sailing watches are more than just a fashion accessory. A good watch for sailing is primarily a vital tool, an integral part of every sailing trip. It's like the most reliable comrade. They perfectly fit into the way of life of a sailor and are an indispensable "companion". They ...

Top 5: Best Cycling Gloves – 2018

Most likely, you often went cycling without a pair of good cycling gloves. You just drove, your hands suffered from rain and wind, sweated and constantly strove to slip off the handlebar. But why expose yourself to this situations when you can buy a pair of cycling gloves that will protect your ...

Best Angle Grinder for the Money

An angle grinder is designed for abrasive processing: cutting, grinding and stripping of stone, metal and other materials. An angle grinder is used in construction, metalworking, and woodworking. So, an angle grinder is a handy tool in the toolbox of every homeowner. If you decide to buy an ...

Top 6: Best Cycling Jerseys

Riding a bicycle in a cotton T-shirt is not the best solution, because you will sweat while riding, and your shirt will absorb moisture and become wet. Counter wind and a wet shirt is not the best combination, especially if the weather is not hot enough. For cycling, it's better to buy a cycling ...

Best Cycling Shoes – under 100, 150 and $200

Good cycling shoes can not only increase your speed of cycling but also increase comfort while riding a bike, as well as safety. You can, of course, ride a bicycle in "normal" shoes from the nearest store. But in such shoes, your feet will be terribly sweating and then smell terrible. In special ...

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