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Top 11: Best Gadgets for Hiking

Below are listed the best gadgets for hiking so far this year. Some of them are useful and some of them are just toys...but still useful. As new ideas come out, the list will change. The way these appear in the Top 11 is simple. I look into the biggest online stores and find out what is selling the ...

Best World Maps for Pinning your travels

So, you are looking for the best world maps for pinning your travels? You come to the right place. After the long research I have found the most beautiful maps on the market and now I will share this list with you. Every traveler wants such a world map, and not only the all-time traveler, everyone ...

Best Rechargeable Toothbrushes to Buy

How much time do you spend brushing your teeth? Be honest. According to a survey conducted by Delta Dental at the end of 2014, 30% of people brush their teeth once a day. At the same time, the average tooth cleaning time is much less than recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). ...

Resident Evil 7 Dog Heads Location

Resident Evil 7 First Dog Head Location. The first head. It's very easy to find the first dog head. Take the pendulum from the big clock and paste it into the analogous clock that is in the kitchen where you met the Bakers. Once you have got first dog head go back to the central hall. ...

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