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Best Smart Thermostat – UK – 2018

If there is any technology for a home that can change your life, then this is exactly a smart thermostat. Until recently, the thermostat was a set of ugly white cheap plastic programming buttons. Obviously, the reconstruction of the design took a long time, but now we can see improved ...

Top 5: Best CPU for Mining

If you are looking for the best processor for mining cryptocurrency in 2018, then you have come to the right place, because in this top we listed the best processors that will help you in making a profit. While many people think that video cards play the most important role in this business, ...

Top 6: Best Computer Microphones – 2018

Surely your laptop has a built-in microphone or you have some kind of small microphone that is built in headphones, and although it may work fine, its small size means that the sound from it is not particularly good. Perhaps, such a microphone is enough for video chats or for sending messages ...

Top 7: Best Budget Over Ear Headphones

Finding the good budget headphones is not easy, but we assure that you don't need to spend a lot of money in order to get a decent experience from listening or playing games. Budget over-the-ear headphones in this rating may not be the most convenient, but you can find high-quality headphones that ...

Top 8: Best Waterproof Travel Camera

Looking for the best waterproof travel camera? Then scroll down and read our article about the best waterproof travel cameras.ย Having a durable housing, waterproof cameras can also survive accidental falls without consequences. Here are the best options from such famous manufacturers as Olympus, ...

The best 65-inch TV under $3000 (January 2018)

If you like watching movies, then you know for sure that a big TV is needed for such a thing.ย So, a good 65-inch screen will do just fine. These giantย TVs will turn your living room into a movie theater.ย Yes, they take up a lot of space, but we assure you that as soon as you sit down and watch your ...

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