6 Best Bicycle Saddles for Touring 2019

When traveling by bicycle, in addition to good touring tires, you will also need a good bicycle saddle. After all, on a bicycle saddle, you will spend many hours a day and it’s therefore very important to have a comfortable saddle.

The best bicycle touring saddle can be even what is already on your bike, to test its comfort you need to make a test trip lasting 2-3 days, and you must cycle for ~60 miles per day. If the bike saddle turns out to be uncomfortable, then it is worth looking at the better saddles.

If your saddle is uncomfortable or you want to build the perfect touring bike by yourself from scratch, then our article will help you to find the best bicycle touring saddle for your long-awaited adventure.

Best Overall: Brooks B17 Saddle

Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.1: Brooks B17

Rating: 9.5/10

Why it’s great: The number one choice among many travelers is the Brooks B17 saddle. And this is not surprising because this bicycle saddle was specially designed for long trips. And it’s available in different versions – for men and for women. The Brooks B17 has the steel rails and leather “cover”.

Although on the first days of the trip it may seem inconvenient to you. But it takes a little time to get used to it and after the break-in phase, the Brooks B17 will become your ideal and beloved bicycle saddle. This saddle is popular all over the world and is the number one choice. So on your trip, you will often meet travelers who have the same saddle.

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Second Best: Brooks B67 Touring Saddle

Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.2: Brooks B67

Rating: 9.4/10

Why it’s great: If you want something “soft” and springy as a sofa, then the Brooks B67 is the ideal choice. It is not much more expensive than the Brooks B17 but has springs under it which help when the road is bumpy. Also, Brooks advertise this bicycle saddle as “perfect for trekking and touring” and many people love this saddle, saying that it “comfortable and fantastic saddle”.

The only reason why many people prefer B17 instead of B67 is the fact that this saddle is a constantly squeak when you ride. But if you don’t care about it heavyweight and sound, then this saddle is good for bicycle touring. Just like the Brooks B17, this saddle is available for men and women.

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Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.3: Selle SMP Martin Touring

Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.3: Selle SMP Martin Touring

Rating: 8.7/10

Why it’s great: If you are a vegetarian and are against leather saddles or you just want a soft saddle, then you can take a closer look at the Selle SMP Martin Touring. This saddle has “Eagle beak” tip for better comfort in a low position and no genital compression, which is good if you have drop bars.

The “Central channel” designed that way to prevent: compression in the perineal and prostate areas; genital numbness and tingling. In addition, it has good ventilation; nerve and vascular structure protection; allows full blood flow; higher muscular fluidity and power.

And the supported area of the Selle SMP Martin Touring has a good design that provides maximum pelvis support and stabilization, greater push on pedals and less energy wasted. The main advantage of this saddle can be called the presence of ventilation. During my cycling trip, I often dream of a saddle with ventilation, when my arse becomes sweaty and I get saddle sores.

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Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.4: Selle SMP Martin Touring Gel

Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.4: Selle SMP Martin Touring Gel

Why it’s great: The Selle SMP Martin Touring Gel is the same as above mentioned but has gel inside it for better comfort. “Saddles with self-modeling Gel inserts were designed to mold to the user’s specific build while offering higher comfort and unique well-being.

Pressure distribution tests demonstrated how the use of Gel reduced the specific pressure on anatomical contact points by 30%, promoting a high level of perineum perfusion that characterizes all SMP saddle range.” –this is what the manufacturer says about this saddle. This is a relatively new bicycle touring saddle on the market, so little is known about it yet.

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Best Bicycle Saddle for All Weather: Brooks C17

Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.5: Brooks C17

Rating: 8.8/10

Why it’s great: The Brooks C17 provides great comfort for touring maintenance-free design. It’s manufactured using 100% Organic (vegan) cotton canvas, so it’s good for people vegans or for people who don’t like or against the leather.

In addition, it’s waterproof and in comparison to Brooks B17 doesn’t require any maintenance and should be more durable for long bicycle touring trips. Just like others saddles from Brooks, this saddle requires some time for break-in, so it’s better to use it for a while before you go on a big trip.

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Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.6: Selle SMP TRK | Great comfort for women and men

Best Bicycle Saddle for Touring No.6: Selle SMP TRK

Selle SMP TRK Rating: 9.3/10

Why it’s great: If you do not like hard saddles and prefer soft ones, then the Selle SMP TRK saddle will be a good choice. This saddle is designed for trekking and is good for touring. And the Selle SMP TRK is sold in different versions – for men and for women.

The price of this saddle is quite affordable, especially considering that it provides excellent comfort for long trips and thanks to its design and shape this saddle do not put pressure on important points and nerves while riding.

Some reviewers say that this is one of the most comfortable saddles of all that they have ever had. “I truly recommend this saddle 10000%”, another reviewer adds.

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