7 Best Bike Multi-Tools of 2020

Imagine that your car has a flat tire or have other mechanical problems. You need to call the road service, and then entertain yourself with one of the many games that are available for Android or iOS, until the service specialists come to help you.

And for a cyclist, there is no service like that on the road, and the problem can catch you miles away from the city. To avoid walking with your bicycle to the nearest city, you need to have an appropriate bicycle multi-tool.

These bike multi-tools provide you with all hexagons keys, screwdrivers, and even wrenches that you need for quick repairs on the go. Many include a tool for replacing chain links. We have for you the list of 7 best bicycle multi-tools that you can buy right now.

Best Bike Multi-Tool No.1: Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)

Best Bike Multi Tool No.1: Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)

Rating: 9.0/10

Weight: 175 grams

Why it’s great: This is your total helper, which is useful wherever you go. Always at hand, and doing a great job. The Crank Brothers Muti-Tool has 19 tools – 7 hex keys, 4 keys for spokes, Phillips and flat screwdriver, a Torx T25, and a chain tool (chain breaker). All tools are securely fixed and ready for use. The frame of this bike multi-tool is made of lightweight and durable aluminum 6061-T6. And the tools themselves are made of high tensile steel 6150, which almost completely eliminates the appearance of corrosion.

Crank Brothers is not only a durable tool but also comes with a special case that protects the bike multi-tool from moisture and the water. Thus, keeping its beautiful appearance. In addition, this case helps eliminate rattling and protects from damage other items in your bag.

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Best Bike Multi-Tool No.2: Lezyne RAP 20 Multi-Tool

Best Bike Multi Tool No.2: Lezyne RAP 20 Multi-Tool

Rating: 9.1/10

Weight: 178 grams

Why it’s great: The Lezyne RAP 20 has 2-8 mm hexahedrons Allen wrenches, a Torx T25 key, a tire lever, and triple spoke keys, the RAP 20 also has a convenient stainless steel chain breaker and bottle opener. Each bicycle tool of the Lezyne RAP 20 is made by CNC cutting machine, made of chrome vanadium steel, which withstands severe weather and hot days in sweaty bags. The use of each instrument feels natural and smooth due to the incredible quality of the Lezyne RAP 20.

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Best Bike Multi-Tool No.3: Topeak Hexus II Multi-tool

Best Bike Multi Tool No.3: Topeak Hexus II Multi-tool

Rating: 9.1/10

Weight: 160 grams

Why it’s great: Topeak is a manufacturer of quality bicycle accessories. And the Topeak Hexus II bike multi-tool is one of their most attractive products, striking a balance between value, size, functionality and the availability of everything necessary. In this bicycle multi-tool, there are hex keys and a screwdriver, a tire lever and a chain breaker for repairing and replacing the chain.

All tools are divided to simplify the disclosure, easy access, and more convenient use. Tire levers are placed on the sides of this bike multitool. The Topeak Hexus II is made of high-quality materials and components and this bike multi-tool is used by both professional and amateur riders.

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Best Bike Multi-Tool No.4: Shimano Pro Mini Cycling Tool 11

Best Bike Multi Tool No.4: Shimano Pro Mini Cycling Tool 11

Weight: 4 oz.

Why it’s great: Narrow and thin, like a supermodel, the Shimano Pro Minitool 11 is designed to match the size of a jacket pocket or a side pocket of a bicycle backpack. This bike multi-tool has 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Hex keys, Torx T25, one Philips and flat head screwdriver. The Shimano Pro Minitool 11 has no protruding details. And also, this bike multi-tool can easily be placed near the spare tube without the risk of accidental punctures and will not annoy you if you put this multi-tool in your pocket.

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Best Bike Multi-Tool No.5: Lezyne V10

Best Bike Multi Tool No.5: Lezyne V10

Rating: 8.5/10

Weight: 102 grams

Why it’s great: The first thing that the company sacrifices when it comes to creating a minimized multifunctional tool for bicycles, is a chain breaker for repairing and replacing the chain. Of course, this is not a huge loss, and most of the tools for the chain are inexpensive, but Lezyne decided to leave the chain breaker in the V-10 Mini.

The body of this bike multi-tool is made entirely on the CNC machine from 7075 aluminum. Tools are made using chrome vanadium steel, which is better than most metals to cope with corrosion. And in this bike multi-tool, there are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Allen wrenches, Torx T25 and T30, and Phillips head screwdriver.

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Best bike multi-tool for touring: Topeak Alien II

Best Bike Multi Tool No.6: Topeak Alien II 31-Function Bicycle Tool

Rating: 9.4/10

Weight: 270 grams

Why it’s great: If you are looking for the best multi-tool for bike touring or you just need a multifunctional cycling multi-tool with a lot of tools, then you will like the Topeak Alien II. It’s just some kind of Swiss knife among cycling multi-tools because it includes 31 tools!

One of the main advantages of this multi-tool is a chain breaker that is compatible with single and multi-speed chains up to 12 speed! However, with Campagnolo® 11 speed chains this chain breaker will not work. Let’s see what tools does the Topeak Alien II have:

  • Bottle Opener
  • Chain breaker
  • Screwdriver: Phillips / flat head
  • Two integrated into the body tire levels
  • Torx T25
  • Open-end wrenches: 8/10/15 mm
  • Allen Wrenches: 2-L/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10 mm
  • Stainless Steel Knife
  • Mini Pedal Wrench for field repairs
  • Stainless steel Serrated Knife/Saw
  • 14G and 15G Spoke Wrenches
  • Box Wrench 9mm

As you can see, this is a very multi-functional tool that is ideal for bike touring or for someone who loves all-in-one tools. And this bicycle multi-tool comes with an HD nylon bag with a clip.

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Best mountain bike multi-tool: Daway bike repair kit

Bike Multi-Tool: Daway Repair Kit

While riding a mountain bike, you can easily puncture the tire of your bike or lose a couple of bolts. And the DAWAY bike repair kit will be the best purchase for those who ride a mountain bike. Because this multi-tool comes with tire patch levers for easy removal of a bicycle tire. And also with glue and patches for fixing the tubes. Also, this multi-tool has a low price so it is not a pity to lose it while riding.

The DAWAY A32 has 6 different inner hexagon wrench, and 3 socket spanner and flat wrench. Also in this multi-tool, there are 2 screwdrivers and 1 socket wrench and 1 extension rod. By purchasing DAWAY A32 you also get a special small carrying bag for this multi-tool. This small bag can be hung on a belt or simply put away in your backpack.

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