Best Cordless Drills for Home Use – 2021

A hammer, tape measure, cordless drill, cordless screwdriver, and tool case: everything you need to renovate your home, build a closet, or just hang a picture on the wall. And each of these tools will do a wonderful job.

Some people think that a cordless drill should be a simple tool, but it is not. Some cordless drills have a high rotational speed, some are better for metal, some for drywall only. And sometimes the drills need maximum torque.

In some cases, assembling furniture may require a lot of power from the tool. No matter what you are about to do, these 8 best cordless drills for home use will provide you with the ideal power, torque, and long battery life for your projects.

The best cordless drill under $100: Metabo HPT DS10DFL2

Metabo HPT Cordless Drill

Metabo HPT DS10DFL2 Rating: 9.4/10

Chuck Size: 3/8-Inch Keyless | Torque: 300 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-350/1,300 RPM | Drill Modes: 1 | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 12v

Metabo has created this cordless drill for the most essential needs. The Metabo HPT DS10DFL2 is a powerful cordless drill that sells for a very affordable price under $ 100. In addition, this cordless drill has a lightweight design, which reduces user fatigue, especially when working in confined spaces.

This cordless drill weighs just over 2.2 pounds and will allow you to work from an angle or overhead without fatigue. Despite its small size, the Metabo HPT still offers 300 lb-in variable speed torque. Another nice feature of this cordless drill is the presence of light, so with the Metabo HPT, you can work even in poorly lit areas.

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Milwaukee 2494-22 M12 cordless drill driver combo kit

Best Cordless Drill for Home Use No.2: Milwaukee 2494-22 M12

2-Tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2494-22 Rating: 9.1/10

Chuck Size: 3/8-Inch | Torque: 275 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-400, 0-1,500 RPM | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 12v

Impact Driver: Chuck Size: 1/4-Inch | Torque: 1000 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-2,500 RPM | Type: Impact Driver | Voltage: 12v

The Milwaukee 2494-22 is a powerful tool delivering 275 lb-in of torque at 12V. The streamlined handle does not have the typical pattern of other cordless drills. And this cordless drill has 2 speeds, the first with a range of 0-400rpm and the second with a range of 0-1500rpm for fast work.

The best part about the Milwaukee 2494-22 is that it has a battery charge indicator. So you know exactly when it’s time to charge. Plus, for under $ 150, you get 2 tools: a cordless drill and an impact driver. And for this reason, it is the best value for money for the cordless drill/screwdriver combo set. Because you get 2 powerful tools, but high-quality ones.

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Makita XFD10R 18-Volt Drill-Driver Kit

Best Cordless Drill for Home Use No.3: Makita XFD10R 18-Volt

Makita XFD10R Rating: 9.3/10

Chuck Size: 1/2-Inch | Torque: 480 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-400 & 0-1,500 RPM | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 18v

From the first moment you purchase a Makita XFD10R, it becomes clear that you are holding a piece of art in your hands, not just equipment. This is a very powerful and lightweight cordless drill (3.3 lbs). And it runs on an 18-volt battery. While many competitors use brushless motors in their cordless screwdrivers, Makita uses a 4-pole motor that delivers even more power in a smaller package.

From the Makita XFD10R, you can safely expect 480 lb-in maximum torque for most jobs, unless you are drilling concrete. The battery and charger are one of the main advantages of the Makita XFD10R. It takes 25 minutes or less to fully charge the battery. And the soft handle of this cordless drill will help reduce fatigue while working.

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Metabo HPT DS18DGL 18V

Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill Kit

Metabo HPT Rating: 9.1/10

Chuck Size: 1/2-Inch | Torque: 400 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-450/0-1,250 RPM | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 18v

The impressive aspect of the Metabo HPT DS18DGL cordless drill is not only torqued at 400 in/lbs but also a good battery. It uses a constant output voltage, which means you get consistent performance throughout the life of the battery without derating or sudden shutdowns.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery with fast charging will help you minimize downtime and extend battery life. 22 torque settings and drilling mode for maximum precision and control. All this will help you realize your home projects, from simple renovations to more serious tasks.

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Milwaukee 2691-22 Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Best Cordless Drill for Home Use No.5: Milwaukee 2691-22

M18™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION 2-Tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2691-22 Rating: 9.3/10

Chuck Size: 1/2-Inch | Torque: 500 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-400/ 0-1,800 RPM | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 18v

Impact Driver: Chuck Size: 1/4-Inch | Torque: 1500 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-2,750 | Type: Impact Driver | Voltage: 18v | No Load IPM: 0-3,450

Ergonomic design, comfortable handle Milwaukee 2691-22 will make long work with the cordless drill-driver comfortable. The 4-pole frameless motor of this cordless drill will provide stable power output. There is no doubt that the Milwaukee 2691-22 is a serious tool with a rugged construction combined with rare earth magnets for long tool life.

Plus, its best-in-class 500 lb-in torque and 0-400 / 0-1800 rpm is another good thing about the Milwaukee 2691-22. As with all professional tools, you will pay more. But this is a combo kit which means you get 2 tools! In addition to the excellent cordless drill, you get an impact driver with excellent performance and best-in-class quality.

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Best Budget Cordless Drill: Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt

Best Cordless Drill for Home Use No.6: Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt


Craftsman C3 Rating: 9.0/10

Chuck Size: 3/8-Inch | Torque: 250 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-600 RPM | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 19.2v

If you are looking for a powerful cordless drill and driver, but are not ready to spend a lot of hard-earned money, then the Craftsman C3 cordless drill is for you. You get 250 lb-in of torque and a powerful 0-600 RPM motor in a compact design.

This cordless drill weighs just 4 lbs (with battery), so the average user won’t feel stressed during extended use. At an affordable price, you get a reliable and powerful cordless drill/driver with a 19.2V battery.

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Ryobi P1811 18-Volt ONE+

Best Cordless Drill for Home Use No.7: Ryobi P1811 18-Volt ONE
Ryobi P1811 ONE 18V Rating: 9.3/10

Chuck Size: 1/2-Inch | Torque: 350 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-440 / 0-1,600 RPM | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 18v

Ryobi P1811 One + will delight you not only with its design, affordable price, but also with excellent performance. The Ryobi P1811 comes with 2 P102 18V batteries, a P118 charger, and a tool bag. This makes Ryobi P1811 One + the best value for money. And this cordless drill has 350 lb-lb torque and a 24-position clutch, which is good for such an inexpensive tool.

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DEWALT DCD777C2 Cordless Drill / Driver Kit

Best Cordless Drill for Home Use No.8: DEWALT DCD777C2

DEWALT DCD777C2 Rating: 9.3/10

Chuck Size: 1/2-Inch | Torque: 500 in/lbs | No-Load Speed: 0-500 / 0-1,750 RPM | Type: Drill/Driver | Voltage: 20v

If you’ve ever been on a construction site, you’ve probably seen dozens of DeWalt drills and screwdrivers. After all, Dewalt produces quality tools with high reliability. And the DEWALT DCD777C2 is an excellent cordless drill/driver that can be used for many home projects.

This cordless drill features 500 lb-in of torque, a 2-speed gearbox, and a top speed of 1,750 rpm. And it features a brushless motor for maximum performance and durability. Despite its impressive performance, it has one of the longest battery life on a single charge. DEWALT DCD777C2 delivers maximum performance for any project.

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