7 Best Cycling Gloves 2020

Most likely, you often went cycling without a pair of good cycling gloves. You just cycle and your hands suffered from rain and wind, sweated and constantly strove to slip off the handlebar. But why expose yourself to these situations when you can buy a pair of cycling gloves that will protect your hands, and will give confidence and warm in cold weather.

A good ride is a well thought out ride, and bicycle gloves are just a good investment. But the choice should be taken very seriously, and you must decide what and when you will use them. Think about whether you will use them as winter gloves, or dress them for a summer bike marathon. Think about whether you need a good strong grip on MTB handlebar or gloves will become a simple accessory to prevent sunburns?

Best Cycling Gloves No.1: Pearl iZUMi Elite Gel Ff

Best Cycling Gloves No.1: Pearl iZUMi Elite Gel Ff

Pearl iZUMi Elite Gel Ff Rating: 8.6/10

Why it’s great: The Pearl iZUMi Elite Gel Ff cycling gloves are aimed at a serious cyclist who intends to spend a lot of time riding a bike. These bike gloves have anatomical precise gel cushions, repeating the relief of the hands for a more comfortable ride. And you don’t have to worry about hand numbness – with such gloves, the median, and ulnar nerves will be protected from pain and cramps during your trip.

Also, these gloves have conductive synthetic leather on index finger and thumb and thanks to this they work with touchscreen devices. And this feature is very convenient since you don’t have to take off gloves every time to use your smartphone or select a track in your GPS navigator.

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Best Cycling Gloves for Winter: Giro 100 Proof

Best Cycling Gloves No.2: Giro 100 Proof - Winter Cycling Gloves

Giro 100 Proof Glove Rating: 8.8/10

Why it’s great: Sure, there are days that are too cold to ride, but if you have the Giro 100 Proof cycling gloves, you can count those too-cold days on one hand, because these waterproof, breathable, and highly insulated lobster mitts will keep you protected when you really need it. With the extra-warm split-finger design, the 100 Proof’s intent is crystal clear: to keep you riding when temperatures drop well below freezing.

Its 100g Thinsulate XT-S insulation provides ample warmth without excess bulk, and the X-Static AGrid antimicrobial fleece lining helps you stay toasty while it fights off unpleasant odors. To keep the insulation working even when conditions are wet, the 100 Proof features a Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane to keep out water and wind, and a synthetic Clarino palm that keeps you dry and provides lightweight abrasion resistance and palm padding.

The Giro 100 Proof winter cycling gloves offer not just that. They also have an extended merino wool cuff that keeps out drafts and your hand stays warm even if it gets wet. And it has plenty of reflective detailing to help you stay visible when you’re on the road. Giro also designed these gloves to work with touchscreen devices, so you can check your ride stats without having to take these gloves off.

If you buy the Giro 100 cycling gloves, then you will get serious winter gloves that will be able to withstand even the freezing temps.

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Fox Head Dirtpaw Race Cycling Gloves

Best Cycling Gloves No.3: Fox Head Dirtpaw Race

Fox Head Dirtpaw Race Rating: 8.5/10

Why it’s great: The Fox Head Dirtpaw Race cycling gloves is a true professional in the world of bicycle gloves, especially when it comes to models designed for racing. Since we are trying to offer options that everyone can afford, we did not choose the most expensive models but chose this one, which is in the middle price range.

The Dirtpaw cycling gloves are strong enough, but at the same time comfortable. They are made of a mixture of polyamide, polyurethane, neoprene and polyvinyl chloride, they are able to stretch, bend, and resist tearing or wear.

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Pearl Izumi Ride Cycling Gloves For Women

Best Cycling Gloves No.4: Pearl Izumi - Ride - Top Womens Cycling Glovves

Pearl Izumi – Ride Rating: 8.8/10

Why it’s great: If you are looking for women short cycling gloves for warm summer weather, then the Pearl Izumi-Ride will be an excellent choice. These gloves have Gel-Foam padding that will protect your ulnar and median nerves from excessive pressure – this should help if you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

And thanks to the gel inserts you can spend more time on your favorite bike and not feel any discomfort at the same time. These cycling gloves have several different colors and they are very comfortable.

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Giro Bravo Cycling Gloves

Best Cycling Gloves No.5: Giro Bravo

Giro Bravo Rating: 8.6/10

Why it’s great: The Giro Bravo is just another best buy if you need a good pair of cycling gloves. They have Super Fit design with three-panel palm for a tailored fit, also Clarino synthetic leather for enhanced durability. In addition, moisture-wicking breathable mesh for improved comfort. Also, the Giro Bravo bicycle gloves have gel inserts that provide even greater comfort while cycling. And they look cool.

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Best Cycling Gloves for Fall/Winter: Planet Bike Borealis

Planet Bike Borealis

Planet Bike Borealis Rating: 8.9/10

Why it’s great: The only drawback of the Planet Bike Borealis is the inability to wear them all year round. These warm cycling gloves designed for cold weather. And by looking at these gloves, experienced cyclists might think that these cycling gloves can restrain movement. But this is not the case – thanks to the great design, they provide easy gear shifting and steering lock.

The lining protects well against wind and moisture, and the outer shell boasts a reflective pattern that enhances the safety of the cyclist. If you want your hands to be warm when traveling to work, or if you often ride in cold weather, then buy the Planet Bike Borealis. They are comfortable and warm cycling gloves for spring, fall and winter.

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GEARONIC TM Cycling Gloves

GEARONIC TM Cycling Gloves

Why it’s great: If you need budget gloves for cycling in the summer, but at the same time you are looking for comfortable gloves, then the GEARONIC TM bicycle gloves can be your best choice. They can not boast of any unusual design, but they have a very low price and they are made of high-quality and durable material. Also, these are padded gloves, so they can relieve pressure on nerves and can help you if you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

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