Best Cycling Shoes 2019 – under 100, 150 and $200

Good cycling shoes can increase your cycling speed and can increase comfort while riding a bike, as well as safety. You can, of course, ride your bicycle in “normal” shoes from the nearest store. But in such shoes, your feet will be terribly sweating and then smell terrible.

In cycling shoes, your feet will be much more comfortable, and some shoes, are also capable of increasing your riding efficiency. If you are looking for the best cycling shoes, then you have come to the right place. We conducted research and collected a list of the best bicycle shoes that are in great demand among cyclists.

Best Cycling Winter Shoes: Northwave Extreme Winter XCM GTX

Northwave Extreme XCM GTX - MTB Winter Shoes

Northwave Extreme XCM GTX Rating: 8.8/10

Why it’s great: Winter cycling shoes usually used for MTB, but if you just prefer to cycle along paved roads during the winter and want to have warm and dry feet, then the Northwave GTX shoes will be a good choice.

The Northwave Extreme XCM GTX is not just some kind of cycling winter shoes made of insulating material, these cycling shoes have a Gore-Tex® Duratherm membrane. Thanks to which your feet will be dry and warm. Also, these shoes are made of expensive and high-quality materials, so the Northwave Extreme XCM GTX cycling shoes are very durable.

And they use fast lacing feature, which is more like snowboard shoes than standard shoes. The sole has a nylon base pierced with fiberglass and strewn with rubber studs for a sense of stability, good adhesion to the surface and additional protection.

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Shimano RP3 | Best Road Cycling Shoes Under $150

Best Cycling Shoes No.2: Shimano RP3 - Great for Road Cycling

Shimano RP3 Rating: 8.9/10

Why it’s great: It should be noted that the Shimano cycling shoes, like all the equipment of this company, are reliable and trusted. If you want something cheaper, you can take R065 or you can add some money to buy the Shimano RP3.

We like Shimano RP3 because they are very good looking and comfortable to wear and cycle. The bottom is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and the density is more than enough for an easy or intensive trip. But they do not bend like MTB shoes so walking in them for a long time can be not so comfortable in comparison to MTB shoes. The mesh fabric on all sides provides excellent ventilation. And thanks to the Velcro straps the Shimano RP3 will sit surely on your feet.

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Best Budget Cycling Shoes: Venzo Mountain Bike SPD | Under $100 🏆

Best Cycling Shoes No.4: Venzo Mountain Bike SPD - Best Budget Cycling Shoes

Venzo Shoes Rating: 8.3/10

Why it’s great: If you have never had SPD pedals and shoes and you suddenly decided to try them, then these shoes will be the best solution. They have a budget price and come complete with pedals (Wellgo WPD-823) and cleats. So by buying this kit, you will be ready for the trip on the same day.

The upper part of Venzo cycling shoe is made of quick-drying material, so if you get under the rain, it’s not scary because these shoes will dry pretty quickly. And during the hot weather, you will also feel comfortable because these shoes are breathable.

And thanks to a special, not very rigid design, it is convenient to walk in them when you get off your bike.

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Also, these shoes are sold in another kit, with multi-use pedals. With one side for SPD shoes and the other side of a pedal is for normal shoes. Without a doubt, the Venzo shoes are the best value for the money.

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Louis Garneau LS-100 Carbon Road Cycling Shoe | Price: under $200

Road Bike Clip-in Cycling Shoes Louis Garneau LS-100

Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 Rating: 9.1/10

Why it’s great: If you already have cycling experience in clipless shoes and you want to try more expensive shoes, then the best choice will be the Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100. These shoes have a carbon outsole, and they have maximum rigidity for the best performance.

Its synthetic leather and cycling mesh upper provides comfort, good support, and breathability. Also, the Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 shoes have the heel reflector that improves visibility and increases safety.

But if you prefer shoes from Shimano, then you should pay attention to the SHIMANO SH-RP400L. They are also a popular choice for cyclists who prefer premium shoes.

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Best Cycling Shoes No.5: Giro Rumble VR | Good for Touring

Best Cycling Shoes No.5: Giro Rumble VR - Good cycling shoes for touring

Giro Rumble VR Rating: 8.3/10

Why it’s great: The Giro Rumble VR looks like ordinary shoes, but they are designed for cycling and are compatible with SPD clipless pedals. The upper part of these shoes is made of synthetics and mesh, which provides breathing properties.

They have sufficient flexibility for walking and if you traveling by bike, you can safely go to a museum or restaurant and not feel any discomfort. Also, thanks to the Vibram soles, these shoes are very grippy when you are off the bike.

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Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe | Under $100

Best Cycling Shoes: Gavin Elite

Gavin Elite Rating: 8.5/10

Why it’s great: Many cyclists prefer affordable and reliable cycling accessories. This is exactly what Gavin Elite cycling shoes are – reliable and affordable. But they can boast not only an affordable price but also a micro buckle setting for a more precise fit and comfort.

And they also have Nylon fiberglass sole with air vents so that your foot does not get hot in the summer. And they are designed for comfort. It is also worth noting that they are compatible with Look, SPD, SPD-R & SPD-SL cleats.

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