8 Best Double Sleeping Bags of 2020

If you don’t imagine your vacation without outdoor recreation, then a sleeping bag is an obligatory attribute in your backpack or car trunk. There is, however, one catch, most sleeping bags are not designed for two people. Meanwhile, many of us would like to snuggle closer to our beloved shoulder at night: it’s warmer, and it’s not so scary to listen to the mysterious night rustles. And some of us don’t even imagine how you can spend a night away from your soulmate.

You can certainly connect two “ordinary” sleeping bags if you buy them from the same brand and if they will be the same model and with a different arrangement of zippers (left and right), but this is inconvenient. It’s much better to buy a double sleeping bag. And if you want to buy the best double sleeping bag, then our article will help you to make the right decision.

Best Double Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather: TETON Sports Mammoth

TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

Rating: 9.0/10

Filler: Synthetic | Weight: 16.5 lbs | Temperature Rating: 0F (-18C)

If you are going with your soulmate on a trip during the cold season, then you need a warm double sleeping bag for cold weather. Many sleeping bags of this type usually have a very high price. However, TETON could make a high-quality and affordable double sleeping bag for cold weather.

Its temperature rating of comfort is 30F (-1C) which is very good. And the extreme temperature is as much as 0F (-18C). However, I would not sleep at an extreme temperature, and many people do not travel at such temperatures. Also, this double sleeping bag is available with a temperature rating of + 20°F/-7°C, so if you are not going to sleep in the cold weather, you can look at the second option.

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Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Double Sleeping Bag

Best Double Sleeping Bag No.One: Big Agnes - King Solomon 15

Rating: 8.8/10

Filler: 600 fill DownTek | Weight: 4lb 8oz / 2.04kg | Temperature Rating: 15F (-9C)

If you and your partner love the warmth and cannot even imagine that you have to sleep in different corners of the tent, then you can buy the Big Agnes King Solomon 15 double sleeping bag. This sleeping bag can be used up to 15F (-9°C). The Big Agnes King Solomon 15 is made of microfibre fabric with a special reinforcing structure of weaving.

Thanks to the special design of this double sleeping bag, it creates the effect that you sleep like on a cloud. There is room for two small pillows or for one elongated, so you do not have to fight with a neighbor for a place to bow your head.

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The North Face Dolomite Double 3S

Best Double Sleeping Bag No.2: The North Face Dolomite Double 3S

Rating: 9.4/10

Filler: Heatseeker™ synthetic insulation | Weight: 6 lbs / 2.7 kg | Temperature Rating: 20F (-7C)

If you are not afraid of the impressive weight and size of the North Face double sleeping bag, then this rectangular bag with synthetic filler will be ideal for you. It is great for a climate with warm nights, but it can be used at lower temperatures if you dress warmer. And although it can’t be folded so that it occupies very little space, it will take less than half of the space in your trunk.

“This is the best value for the money double sleeping bag! It is priced right and it’s perfect.”, says one reviewer. “My lover and I have used The North Face Dolomite on many occasions, we enjoy being able to cozy up in this spacious bag.” another reviewer adds.

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Nemo Mezzo Loft Duo Sleeping Bag

Best Double Sleeping Bag No.3: Nemo Mezzo Loft Duo

Rating: 9.0/10

Filler: Stratofiber™ | Weight: 5 lb 14 oz / 2.65 kg | Temperature Rating: 30F (-1C)

This is a magnificent double sleeping bag, in which you can wrap yourself up and feel like on a cozy bed at home. Synthetic filler guarantees comfort at a temperature of at least 30F (-1°C), the Nemo Mezzo Loft double sleeping bag keeps the heat even when wet (thanks to synthetic filler), for this reason, it can be called an excellent option for a moist environment.

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Coleman Tandem Rectangular 45

Best Double Sleeping Bag No.4: Coleman Tandem Rectangular 45

Rating: 8.9/10

Filler: Coletherm® hollow polyester | Weight: 9.7 lb (4.40 kg) | Temperature Rating: 45F (7C)

Coleman can make good products at an affordable price and the Coleman Tandem 3 Person Rectangular 45 sleeping bag is no exception. This huge double sleeping bag can be used at temperatures up to 45F. So this sleeping bag will be your ideal “bed” in the summertime. And its special ZipPlow ™ zipper will always smoothly close and open.

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Marmot Mavericks Double Wide 30

Best Double Sleeping Bag No.5: Marmot Mavericks Double Wide 30

Rating: 8.9/10

Filler: Spirafil 120 | Weight: 6lbs 4oz (2860g) | Temperature Rating: 30F (-1C)

It would seem that a double sleeping bag takes up twice as much space in the trunk or in a backpack, but with the Marmot Mavericks this is not the case; a compression bag comes in with this sleeping bag that allows you to squeeze it to a relatively compact size. The Marmot Mavericks Double has Spirafil High Loft Insulation for Maximum warmth and durability. You and your partner will feel comfortable in this sleeping bag, warmly, just like at home in your favorite bed.

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Nemo Tango Duo Slim 30 Double Sleeping Bag

Best Double Sleeping Bag No.6: Nemo Tango Duo Slim 30

Rating: 8.8/10

Filler: 700 Fill Power Downtek Down | Weight: 2 lb 9 oz / 1200g | Temperature Rating: 30F (-1C)

A night under the stars is the best aphrodisiac you can think of. But the whole romantic mood can go away while you settle down in separate sleeping bags. If you want to fix the situation, consider a double sleeping bag the Nemo Tango Duo. The Nemo Tango Duo Slim 30 is a very good double sleeping bag with down filling. And thanks to its excellent filler, it has compact dimensions when packed. And this sleeping bag very lightweight (only 2 lb 9 oz / 1200g).

Its temperature rating is 30F/-1C, so it can be called a 3 season double sleeping bag. In which you and your beloved partner will be well and warm together. And most importantly, this sleeping bag does not take up much space in your trunk or backpack. The packed size of the Nemo Tango Duo Slim is 30 is 10 x 18-Inch/25 x 46 cm.

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Best Budget Double Sleeping Bag: Sleepingo

Best budget double sleeping bag: Sleepingo

Rating: 9.3/10

Filler: Synthetic | Weight: 5lbs and 10 ounces | Temperature Rating: 32F (0C)

🏆 Most Popular Double Sleeping Bag on Amazon

If you are looking for the best affordable double sleeping bag, then no longer look, but buy the Sleepingo sleeping bag. Sleepingo’s size is impressive and it’s 87×59 inches. But despite its large size capable of accommodating two people without any problems, this sleeping bag is still quite lightweight.

Also, the outer layer of this double sleeping bag is made of durable and waterproof material. And thanks to the synthetic filler, you will be warm even in wet weather. In addition, 2 travel pillows are included. The price of this sleeping bag is affordable, so you do not have to break a piggy bank. Buy it now and soon you will be able to go on an adventure with your soulmate.

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