5 Best Drones Under $150 – 2020

Drones don’t need to be used only for espionage or any serious purpose. Now, drones can be used for other purposes – for creating beautiful photos and video and just for entertainment.

Every day they are gaining more and more popularity, and it is likely that in a few years the drones in the sky will become the most common phenomenon. Quite recently, any drone, even the smallest, had a number of shortcomings: high cost, short flying range, long charging.

Now, depending on the manufacturer and model of the drone, we are completely deprived of all these inconveniences. Also, now there are budget drones available. And if you are looking for the best drone under $150, then you have come to the right place.

Best Drone Under $150 No.1: DBPOWER U818A FPV

Best Drone Under 150 Dollars No.1: DBPOWER U818A FPV

DBPOWER U818A Rating: 8.7/10

Why it’s great: The DBPOWER U818A drone has a 720P HD camera and it is capable of real-time transfer of video via wi-fi directly to the screen of your smartphone. Then you can share great pictures with your friends.

Headless Operation Mode: It is great for beginners because control of this drone is easy and you do not need to worry about the direction of the drone when flying it. Great for beginners. And the DBPOWER U818A drone is made of durable materials, so it will last you a long time.

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Best Drone Under $150 No.2: GoolRC X8HG 8.0MP HD Camera

Best Drone Under 150 Dollars No.2: GoolRC X8HG 8.0MP HD Camera

GoolRC X8HG Rating: 8.5/10

Why it’s great: A nice drone with a streamlined body design that shoots in HD quality and sends an image over Wi-Fi directly to the pilot (on the smartphone). The drone can hold in the air about 6-8 minutes on a single charge, and the time it takes to charge the battery will be about 180 minutes. The flying range is standard and declared at 100 meters. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh.

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Best Drone Under $150 No.3: Holy Stone F181W FPV 🏆

Best Drone Under 150 Dollars No.3: Holy Stone F181W FPV

Holy Stone F181W Rating: 9.0/10

Why it’s great: The Holy Stone F181W drone is one of the most popular drones in the price range under $150. This drone has a 720P 120 ° Wide-angle HD Wifi Camera which allows you to take very high-quality pictures and videos. The maximum flying range and height of this drone is 120 meters, and the flight time from one battery charge is up to 9 minutes.

And the Holy Stone F181W drone is able to display a video on your smartphone’s screen in real-time, for this you need to install the application for the smartphone.

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Contixo F6 RC Drone With Camera

Best Drone Under 150 Dollars No.4: Contixo F6 RC

Contixo F6 RC Rating: 8.3/10

Why it’s great: Take to the skies with confidence using the brand new F6 from Contixo. This F6 drone has all the latest drone technology that not only makes it easy to fly but gives the pilot full control. Altitude hold makes it a breeze to capture those perfect angles with included rotating 720p HD camera. And a 2300mah battery gives pilot extended flight times of over 18 mins. Also, the special mobile app allows you to control the drone without the radio controller. And live video transmission to your mobile device gives you FPV capabilities.

The Contixo F6 drone has a rotating camera that can be adjusted mid-flight using the Mobile Device App and thanks to the 6-axis gyroscope you can be assured your pictures and videos will have less movement and smooth capture.

The Contixo F6 RC is VR ready so you will be able to use First Person View and even turn on Virtual Reality mode so you can fly using your favorite VR headset.

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Force1 U49C Drone

Best Drone Under 150 Dollars No.5: Force1 U49C

Force1 U49C Rating: 8.9/10

Why it’s great: The Force1 U49C drone has a 720P HD 120° wide-angle camera, but this drone does not transmit the image in real-time to the smartphone screen. The signal range of this drone is 620-ft and on a fully charged battery, this drone can fly for 15 minutes. But, this drone comes with an extra battery, so flying time will be 30 minutes total. This drone is easy to control, so it is ideal for beginners.

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