Best Hiking Pants for Men 2020

Painful corn, obtained from uncomfortable hiking boots or poor-quality hiking socks can spoil a beautiful sunny day in the mountains. But bad pants can also ruin your trip. Hiking requires a wide range of movements, so clothing should be able to save you from scratches, bruises, abrasions, and rubbing. Therefore, if an amateur climber will meticulously pick up his boots, then an experienced traveler seriously approaches the choice of hiking pants.

What to look for in hiking pants

When choosing hiking pants, several factors should be considered – they must breathe since sweat can affect the skin even worse than bad cloth. They should be strong enough because during your hiking trip you have to walk a lot and make your way through thickets bushes. Also, hiking pants should also be able to withstand wind and rain (or they should dry fast).

And it would be nice if you had the opportunity to turn them into shorts because the weather is so changeable. But first of all, they should be comfortable. To help you find the best pants, we prepared the list of the best hiking pants to buy in 2020.

Best Hiking Pants to Buy

Good hiking pants are lightweight, comfortable and made from breathable and quick-drying material. The most convenient models are with an articulated cut – specially shaped bends or inserts of elastic material in the knee area. These pants do not hold down movements and they are comfortable to climb on steep paths.

What pants to wear for hiking in winter?

Pants with insulation. Such pants are used if you have either a winter mountain hike or a hike in the off-season, or if during the summer adventures you mostly will be at high altitude (> 3000 – 4000 meters above sea level) where even in summer, there are winter conditions: low temperature, strong wind, snow.

The main distinguishing features of such trousers are insulation, high waist to protect the back and chest from cold, boot zippers and boot gaiters.

Example. Winter hiking pants:

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Best Budget Hiking Pants: Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

Best Hiking Pants for Men No.1: Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

Columbia Silver Ridge Rating: 9.0/10

Why it’s great: Do you want to climb a mountain, and then go to the bar? Well, or just go to the beach on a sunny day? For each individual event, you probably have different pants. After all, hiking pants, in which you can go to the beach and the pub, ride a mountain bike, or even just wear them as regular pants – is a rarity.

But the Columbia Silver Ridge is good almost for everything, they are convertible pants that are suitable for hiking in hot and relatively cold weather. Also, they look just like regular pants and in these pants, you can go to the bar without the feeling that you are from another planet. The Columbia Silver Ridge pants are made of 100% ripstop fabric with Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection, and Omni-Wick advanced evaporation technology. Another good thing about these hiking pants – they have an affordable price and are very popular among hikers.

Columbia Silver Ridge current price, reviews and full description:
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Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hiking Pant 🏆

Best Hiking Pants for Men No.2: Outdoor Research Ferrosi

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Rating: 9.1/10

Why it’s great: The Outdoor Research Ferrosi is ideal for backpackers. They can easily cope with heavy wind or hot weather, but in the winter, or even in the cold autumn, they should not be worn. Nylon and spandex will pleasantly envelop the body and contribute to better heat transfer on a hot day.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi current price, reviews and full description:
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Marmot Transcend Convertible Pant


Best Hiking Pants for Men No.3: Marmot Transcend Convertible Pant

Marmot Transcend Rating: 8.8/10

Why it’s great: If you need convertible hiking pants and you love products from the Marmot brand, then the Marmot Transcend convertible hiking pants will be an excellent choice for you. They are made of abrasion-resistant nylon, which makes them durable, they also have Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50.

In addition, if you get in heavy rain and get very wet, it’s not scary – these pants have a Quick-Drying technology, so you will be dry in the blink of an eye after the rain will ends.

Marmot Transcend current price, reviews and full description:
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Arcteryx Gamma LT Hiking Pant

Best Hiking Pants for Men No.4: Arcteryx Gamma LT

Arcteryx Gamma LT Rating: 8.8/10

Why it’s great: Companies generally do not try to make stylish hiking pants, but the Gamma LT from Arcteryx is obviously an exception. The Arcteryx Gamma LT hiking pants are more than just beautiful pants. Wearing them, you will surely feel their soft texture and notice the exquisite cut.

The Arcteryx Gamma LT Pant pants are lightweight, hardwearing and highly versatile, they deliver light weather protection, air permeable comfort, and outstanding mobility. The abrasion-resistant Fortius DW 2.0 fabric combines quick-drying nylon with elastane fibers for performance stretch. A brushed polyester waistband provides additional next-to-skin comfort. The Arcteryx Gamma LT’s articulated construction and gusseted crotch provide outstanding mobility and freedom while hiking, climbing, guiding or backpacking.

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5.11 Tactical 74273 TacLite Pro Pant 🏆

Best Hiking Pants for Men No.5: 5.11 Tactical 74273

5.11 Tactical 74273 Rating: 9.2/10

Why it’s great: The 5.11 Tactical 74273 is one of the most popular and affordable pants on the market. These pants are made of polyester and cotton, have two cargo pockets and a magazine/cell phone pocket. In addition, the 5.11 Tactical 74273 is a very lightweight and durable pants that are suitable for both hiking and survival during the zombie apocalypse.

Available in several colors, so you’ll find the right pants for yourself. I don’t know about you, but my next pants will be 5.11 Tactical 74273 for sure 🙂

5.11 Tactical 74273 TacLite Pro Pant current price, reviews and full description:
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