8 Best Mini Multi-Tools 2020

Nobody wants to be unprepared for unexpected situations, so a multi-tool can be a useful tool for some situations. However, the usual multi-tools are sometimes too large in size and heavy to carry them with you in your pocket or in your bag every day.

But fortunately, on the market today there are compact – mini multi-tools. These are handy sets of necessary instruments that perfectly manage their work, despite their small size. We made a list of the best mini multi-tools, which are convenient to carry with you in your bag or in your pocket.

Best Mini Multi-Tool No.1: Leatherman – Juice C2

Leatherman - Juice C2 Multi-Tool

Leatherman Juice C2 Rating: 8.7/10

Why it’s great: The Juice C2 multi-tool from Leatherman is something between the traditional the Leatherman Wave multi-tool and the Micra version. This is an ideal super-functional multi-tool, which takes up little space.

The Juice C2 includes as many as 11 instruments, so it’s the best for those who need a more versatile multi-tool than just a keychain with a couple of tools. And for those who want a multi-tool that doesn’t take too much space in your pocket.

The tools are securely fixed in place, and the pliers have sufficient compression force. Most buyers consider the Juice C2 to be an excellent multi-tool of the middle level, which perfectly combines versatility and compactness.

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Best Mini Multi-Tool No.2: SOG Baton Q3

Best Mini Multi-Tool No.2: SOG Baton Q3

SOG Baton Q3 Rating: 8.6/10

Why it’s great: The Baton Q3, whose length in the folded form about 5.8 inches, probably does not quite fit the word “mini”. Because the Leatherman Juice C2 multi-tool is shorter than the Baton Q3. But its opening mechanism and design are not similar to any of the traditional multi-tools on the market.

When folded, the Baton Q3 multi-tool looks more like a metal rod with the size of a pen. And it opens like a folding knife, turning into a traditional multitool that looks like pliers. Wearing a multitool of this shape in your pants pocket will probably be uncomfortable, but it should fit perfectly in the pocket of a backpack or in a tool belt.

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Best Mini Multi-Tool No.3: Leatherman Micra

Best Mini Multi-Tool No.3: Leatherman Micra

Leatherman Micra Rating: 9.4/10

Why it’s great: The Leatherman Micra can be called the best among mini-multitools from Leatherman. Leatherman Micra has the size of a lighter, but at the same time, it has functions and appearance that in many ways resembles the larger Leatherman models: it opens easily and conveniently; scissors are sharp and with a soft spring. And the remaining 9 tools will be useful for the needs of most people.

And I have the Leatherman Micra and this is my favorite multi-tool because it is very lightweight, compact and multifunctional.

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Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Best Mini Multi-Tool No.4: Gerber Dime

Gerber Dime Rating: 8.1/10

Why it’s great: In the fully folded state, the length of the Gerber Dime multi-tool is 2.75 inches (7 cm), so you can safely attach it to a keychain or carry it in your pocket. But despite its small size and lightweight design, it boasts a large number of tools: pliers, spring scissors, screwdrivers. And the excellent blade for cutting plastic packaging – that cuts as smoothly as a chef’s knife when cutting tuna.

Also, this mini multi-tool has a bottle opener and to use it, it is not necessary to open a whole multi-tool.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Mini Champ Multi-Tool

Best Mini Multi-Tool No.5: Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp

Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp Rating: 9.5/10

Why it’s great: If you are burning with the desire to decorate a bunch of your keys with a beautiful accessory and you do not need a large number of special tools for daily use, then this is your ideal option.

The Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp boasts 16 tools, such as a small blade, blade, bottle opener, ruler, file and so on.

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SOG Crosscut Multi-Tool

SOG Crosscut Mini

Why it’s great: The SOG Crosscut multi-tool is small, lightweight and elegant, but at the same time very reliable and durable. When closed, its length is slightly more than 6 cm, but under this modest value, there is an amazing system of composite levers, which uses several hinges to achieve maximum leverage, so that you do not have to overstretch your fingers with excessive efforts.

Among its tools, you will find scissors, a folding knife, screwdrivers, tweezers, a nail file, nail polish, awl, and a comfortable ruler.

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Gerber Curve Mini Multi-Tool

Gerber Curve Mini Multi-Tool

Why it’s great: This is the second tool from the Gerber brand on this list of best multi-tools. Despite its small size and low weight, this multi-tool is able to bring great benefits. A small but strong Curve multitool, under its modest and very light shell, has four tools, including a sharp knife, two screwdrivers, and a fingernail file. Its price is also surprisingly cheap.

And the fact that the integrated clip of the carbine can be used as a bottle opener, will be another reason for approving exclamations in your direction at a crucial moment of a spontaneous feast – of course, only as a small addition to your wonderful personality.

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Swiss+Tech ST53100

Swiss+Tech ST53100 Multi-tool

Why it’s great: The Swiss+Tech ST53100 has more tools than is allowed for any multitool less than 5 cm long, namely – 19! Hand drill and hex wrench? No problem. As well as pliers, bottle opener, rulers, wire cutter, pliers and six screwdrivers – and they are all easily and simply fixed and released. This multi-tool is so versatile that you begin to dream that something breaks – only to use this miracle tool for its intended purpose.

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Leatherman Squirt PS4 Lightweight Mini Multi-Tool

Leatherman Squirt PS4

Why it’s great: Of course, for such a small tool, this multi-tool is somewhat expensive, but the PS4 model is considered one of the most revered mini-multitools on the market today, so it’s worth the money. With its reliable look, this almost 6-centimeter (when closed) tool resembles a tiny tank, and its composition includes a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, scissors, a bottle opener, and a file. And its weight is only 2 ouches.

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