Best Portable Oscilloscopes 2021

Unlike traditional oscilloscopes, their portable counterparts are equipped with built-in batteries. This means that they can operate without an external power source, which makes them convenient for field use.

Many users find that it is hard to choose between these portable devices and more reliable desktop oscilloscopes. Although it should be noted that many “pocket” models, despite their size, still offer many functions.

Portable oscilloscopes are tools for estimating voltage, designed to test the performance of your electrical signal generator. Oscilloscopes calculate the amount of current flow for a certain period of time and represent the signal indicators in the form of a graph.

The waveform displays the voltage update on the vertical (Y) axis. The time period in the graph is displayed on the horizontal (X) axis. Some portable oscilloscopes can display data in both digital and analog form. Analog oscilloscopes show a constant waveform. A number of oscilloscopes can display data on several channels at once.

To help you find the best portable oscilloscopes, we have compiled a list of the top oscilloscopes for the money.

Best Portable Oscilloscope No.1: SainSmart DSO202 | Budget Oscilloscope 🏆

Best Portable Oscilloscope No.1: SainSmart DSO202

Why it’s great: The #AD SainSmart DSO202 oscilloscope has a thickness of almost 11 millimeters and a weight of 90 grams (with a battery), but, despite such small dimensions, it is able to meet the needs of users.

On its screen it displays three lines (the color display has a resolution of 320 x 240), it is equipped with a lithium battery and a memory card of 8 MB. And this device is very easy to use.

This oscilloscope is ready to work out of the box. But what we really like is that it offers many different functions, a thoughtful menu, and various measurement methods, as well as a compact, but a good display. Users also note that this device provides high measurement accuracy and responds well to the input of user data.

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Best Portable Oscilloscope No.2: Owon HDS1021M Series HDS Handheld Digital Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter

Why it’s great: This single-channel oscilloscope with a frequency of 20 MHz has a digital multimeter that is used for basic oscilloscope measurements such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, and current resistance. The maximum sampling rate in real-time is 100 MS/s and the recording length is 6000 points for a detailed signal. Its operation can be controlled both in automatic and manual modes, the device is equipped with a 3.5-inch color TFT-LCD display.

From all of the above, it becomes clear that the #AD Owon HDS1021M is an excellent option, which gives accurate results. The screen is bright and contrast, which means that the data on it will be very clearly visible. The range and frequency are displayed very accurately.

This is certainly an excellent oscilloscope – with good build quality and functionality, besides it is sold at a reasonable price. But the software and the connection to the PC and the owner’s manual still slightly spoil the picture.

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Best Portable Oscilloscope No.3: Siglent SHS806

Why it’s great: The #AD Siglent SHS806 is more expensive than other oscilloscopes from the list, but it is a two-channel portable oscilloscope that has a higher bandwidth. This device has a frequency of 60 MHz and has a multimeter mode for measuring frequency, duration of switching on, voltage and power.

Its sampling rate in real-time is 1 GS/s, and record length of 2Mpts for acquiring up to 18 hours of detailed waveforms. In addition, it has an advanced feature for highlighting specific signals and a 5.7-inch color TFT-LCD display for viewing data.

This is definitely an excellent portable oscilloscope. It provides a high level of accuracy, offers a lot of functions and has a built-in multimeter. The menu is intuitive, all functions are carefully thought out.

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