Best Smart Thermostats UK 2021

If there is any “gadget” for a home that can change your life, then this is a smart thermostat. Until recently, the thermostat was a set of ugly white cheap plastic programming buttons. Obviously, the reconstruction of the design took a long time, but now we can see improved thermostats such as Nest Learning and Hive, which are the best of the best, and each is good in its own way.

An integrated heating system with apps support has now become a reality, at least theoretically. Now you will not come home which looks like the freezer with torn pipes, with water all over the carpet and large repair bills, and you will no longer wake up in the “fridge” when the temperature starts to fall at night. Smart thermostats are going to change our lives.

Best Overall: Nest Learning Smart Thermostat | Available in the UK and in the U.S

Best Smart Thermostat UK No.1: Nest Learning

Nest Learning Rating: 9.2/10

Why it’s great: The products from Nest show a laconic style of Apple – and this is not surprising since they were created by former employees of Apple. So, they managed to turn the usual ugly fire alarm into something that actually has a pretty attractive appearance.

Nest Learning monitors the habits of the consumer and controls heating in accordance with them. So, for example, if you go to bed regularly at 11 pm, the system will examine your behavior pattern and turn off the system when necessary.

You can easily program the on/off schedule with an excellent Nest application, but this may not even be necessary, since the device also has built-in activity sensors, so it can detect that there is no one at home and turn off the heating (or turn it on your arrival). Nest Learning comes with everything you need.

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Best Smart Thermostat UK No.2: Hive Active

Best Smart Thermostat UK No.2: Hive Active

Hive Active Rating: 8.8/10

Why it’s great: Hive is an innovation from British Gas, and this thermostat is very good. The thermostat itself may not be as beautiful as Nest, but it’s very easy to use, just like the accompanying iOS and Android app, which allows you to change the temperature or the on/off schedule from anywhere where there is a cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

The app is very convenient and includes tools for managing future products of the smart house Hive, including light bulbs and sockets. Great choice. Now Hive has also released a number of compatible products, including motion sensors, window/door sensors, and smart plugs.

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Best Smart Thermostat UK No.3: Netatmo

Best Smart Thermostat UK No.3: Netatmo

Netatmo Rating: 9.0/10

Why it’s great: Netatmo is the French company that revolutionized the world of home thermostats. To create this model, the company used the services of the French designer Philippe Starck.

And here it is, a translucent cube made of organic glass with a simple display. Considering that it was developed by one of the leading European “creatives”, the old-fashioned black E-Ink display and white body seem a little ordinary solution. Especially strange, this thermostat looks like something like Nest. But hey, looks are not all. Netatmo reports that their thermostat will save the average user about 37% of electricity costs, and this is a very nice bonus.

Again, everything here is controlled by a free application for Android and iOS. During the initial installation, the application will ask you five simple questions, and then create a schedule based on your lifestyle. Another very interesting feature is that the thermostat itself can be installed in two ways: as a wired replacement for your current device or over a wireless network using three AAA batteries. The wireless option allows you to place the thermostat in any room convenient for you if you use one more often.

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SALUS IT500 Smart Thermostat


SALUS IT500 Rating: 8.0/10

Why it’s great: This superb system was designed specifically for those who try to keep up with modern technology. Its main feature is, of course, the ability to control the thermostat via the Internet. Perhaps more importantly, the entire system is ridiculously easy to use, regardless of whether you control the console itself or use related mobile apps for iOS or Android. You can change the graph or temperature from anywhere, interacting as with any other modern smart thermostat.

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