Best Snowboard and Ski Backpacks 2020

When it’s snowing outside, nature seems to be calling us to the slopes. Snowy mountains are real beauty. Freedom, thrill, and adrenaline – that’s what attracts skiers and people who love snowboarding, and what they simply can not resist. But to get the most out of snowboarding or skiing in the mountains, you need to have the right equipment in addition to the proper experience and knowledge.

After all, it’s the equipment that can make the difference between a big adventure and a potential catastrophe. So, we decided to create an article, with the help of which you can choose the right backpack for your activities. So, which snowboard or ski backpack to buy in 2020? Scroll down to see the list of the best snowboard and ski backpacks for 2020.

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack No.1: Burton Day Hiker Pro 28L

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack for 2020 No.1: Burton Day Hiker Pro

Burton Day Hiker Pro Rating: 8.1/10

Looking for a backpack that you can take on a day hike, and for skiing or snowboarding? Then be sure to pay attention to the Burton Day Hiker Pro. The capacity of 28 liters allows you to store all the essentials. And a convenient organization makes it possible to easily carry a laptop or tablet, personal belongings, and a snowboard (for it there are special straps).

Also, 2 bottles of water and small items such as keys, phone and other things in the front pocket. And it’s worth saying, you will get all this for a very reasonable price.

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Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack No.2: Dakine Heli Pro

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack for 2018 No.2: Dakine Heli Pro

Dakine Heli Pro Rating: 9.5/10

The Dakine Heli Pro is a convenient 20-liter backpack that offers a diagonal / A-frame ski carry and vertical snowboard carry. This snowboard/ski backpack has enough pockets, belts, and loops in order to hold the goggles, shovel, ice axe, and helmet. You can also put a 15-inch laptop into it.

The Dakine Heli Pro backpack also offers a front storage compartment and the main compartment accessed through the back. As an added bonus, this backpack is available in both female and male versions.

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Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack No.3: Patagonia SnowDrifter

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack 2020 No.3: Patagonia SnowDrifter

SnowDrifter 20L Rating: 8.6/10

The SnowDrifter 20L backpack from Patagonia offers diagonal placement of skis and vertical placement of the snowboard. It has quick access pockets in which you can put your goggles. And a convenient organization will provide access to everything you need for long days on the slope.

There is a version with a capacity of 30 liters, which offers a storage compartment for snow tools and the main compartment can be accessed through the top and back. And 20 liters model that has one main compartment, which opens completely for even easier access.

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Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack No.4: Arcteryx Quintic 27L

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack No.4: Arcteryx Quintic 27L

Arc’teryx Quintic Rating: 8.9/10

Despite the fact that the company Arc’teryx stopped producing these backpacks, we still decided to add this backpack to our list because of its interesting design and functionality. The 27-liter Arc’teryx Quintic is well suited for people who are used to taking a lot of things with them.

This backpack can offer top and side pockets for quick access to small items. And the Arc’teryx Quintic backpack is designed that way so the weight fits snugly to the body, thereby increasing your stability when you ride. Skis can be placed in A-frame mode or diagonally and a snowboard – in the vertical position.

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Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack No.5: Deuter Freerider Pro 30 🏆

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack No.5: Deuter Freerider Pro 30

Deuter Freerider Pro 30 Rating: 9.7/10

The Deuter Freerider Pro 30 backpack offers many convenient functions that will help you on the slopes — an attachment for the helmet and the pocket with quick access. Also, this backpack has an attachment for a foam pad. The front storage compartment will keep your snow tools in order, and the main compartment can be accessed through the top or back.

The Deuter Freeride Pro 30 has the detachable vari-flex belt for shedding weight and for extra comfort. But at the same time, this snowboard/ski backpack is flexible enough to not interfere with movements. And the Deuter Freeride 30-liter backpack offers the vertical and diagonal carry for skis, together with the vertical fastening of the snowboard. In addition, the Deuter Freerider Pro is also sold in the so-called female SL version with a capacity of 28 liters and special women’s fit.

Deuter Freerider Pro 30 Features:

  • Built-in whistle. In this backpack, there is a loud whistle for emergency situations.
  • A pocket on your belt, to store important gadgets or items.
  • Special mount for ice axes.
  • Compression straps to reduce the volume of the backpack, when you need a more compact backpack size.
  • Fleece pocket for your favorite goggles.
  • Has a stretch compartment for storing wet clothes.
  • Alpine back system for more comfort
  • It has a special valuable pocket for your important and valuable things.
  • Attachment for hiking poles or ice axe.
  • Reinforced compartment for folding shovel
  • Built-in removable sitting mat
  • Helmet Holder

And much more… Actually, this is the best snowboard and ski backpack that you can buy right now. Because it is a quite versatile backpack and it can be used even in summer for hiking. And one of the main advantages of this amazing backpack is that it has an affordable price. It is sold very quickly, just like hot pies in the cold winter, so do not be surprised if it will be out of stock.

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