Best Portable Table Saws in 2021 [under $300 / $500]

So, which portable table saw is ideal for home use? The one that has all of the necessary characteristics and will not break a week after purchase. When buying something new, the price is often the most important aspect for many of us. If you want to buy a new table saw for less than $500, the option is clear: the best table saw will be one that is less than $500 and has good quality and modern features.

The best little table saws for home usage were discovered, as usual, following an extensive investigation. The reviews of saw owners were researched, as well as subject forums, in order to construct a rating and create this list of the best saws.

The list only includes the greatest saws, and it’s up to you to decide which one to buy. But, if you want my suggestion, look for Dewalt table saws; they have the best price-quality-performance ratio and are, without a doubt, the best value for money.

Best Overall: DEWALT DWE7480 Compact Table Saw 🏆 | For Budget: under $500

Dewalt DWE7480

Rating: 9.3/10

Max rip to the left of the blade: 12-Inch

Max rip to the right of the blade: 24-Inch

The Dewalt DWE7480 table saw boasts a 15-amp motor, a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System, and a 24-inch rip capacity, making it ideal for cutting big and hardwood materials. Guarding fence changes are made without the need for tools. As well as quick and precise fence modifications. This table saw is small and light, with a metal roll cage for durability on the job site.

Dewalt DWE7480 features:

  • Fence adjustments are quick, smooth, and precise with rack and pinion telescoping fence rails.
  • The Site-Pro is easily accessible thanks to onboard storage. When components are not in use, they must be protected.
  • The 24T carbide blade improves cut quality while also extending blade life.
  • The friction on the table is reduced, resulting in smoother cutting.
  • The dust port makes it easy to connect a vacuum and reduces clean-up time.
  • Plastic roll cage bases are less durable than metal roll cage bases.
  • With a rip capacity of 24″, this machine can readily cut a variety of larger shelf and trim materials.

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Dewalt DWE7480 Review

Dewalt DWE7480 reviewed by the customer.

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Second Best: Dewalt DW745 Table Saw | For budget: under $300 / $400

Dewalt DW745

Rating: 9.5/10

Max rip to the left of the blade: 12-Inch

Max rip to the right of the blade: 20-Inch

The Dewalt DW745 table saw is similar to the Dewalt DWE7480, however, it is less expensive, has a lower RMP, has a lower max rip to the right, and is lighter. The rest of the characteristics are the same. Overall, this is a wonderful table saw, and it’s the best table saw under $300-400 if you’re on a budget.

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Table saws, are they good?

A table saw can be quite useful on the job site, in the shop, and at home. Because they are compact, lightweight, and powerful enough to handle rough woodwork. Because they usually come with fixed blades that revolve in place, they’re nicknamed “table saws.”

The blade protrudes from the table, which is a flat surface. The wood object to be cut must be slid across the table, and the blade will slice through it. These are typically used for precision straight cuts, but with to advancements in technology, they can now also cut at an angle. Accuracy is crucial in this situation. These table saws are always built to make precise cuts.

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Portability of table saws

Another critical feature of table saws is their portability. Table saws must be compact while also being flexible enough to handle heavier woods. Because of their small size, they are lightweight and can be readily moved from one location to another on a job site or at home.

The majority of table saws available on the market come with some sort of stand. Many of the manufacturers include a movable, wheeled stand. These wheels make it simple to move about. The stands can usually be folded to save space when not in use.

If you’re shopping for a table saw, you’ll want to be very careful about which one you choose. The power of the saw is the first and most crucial item to bear in mind. To cut through hardwoods, the motor must be powerful enough.

The blade’s quality is also crucial. The blade must be extremely tough. The power of the motor will determine the blade’s no-load spinning speed. The desired rotation speed is 3650 rpm, which may be easily achieved with a 15 amp motor.

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Table saw safety features

Next, always check for suitable safety features that will allow you to avoid contact with the blade or even immediately shut off the saw in the event of an emergency. For that reason, there must be a safety on-off switch.

You should also check that the blade can make both straight and angled precision cuts and that the fence is flexible enough to adjust and accommodate full-size wood pieces. They should be able to accommodate 24” of wood in terms of length. Depending on the fencing system, this size may vary.

Onboard storage space should ideally be available for accommodating and keeping other important tools while they are not in use. This is a must-have criterion because it will help you improve your efficiency.

Another thing to think about is the stand. The offered stand should be made of long-lasting material and should be foldable for easy storage. Obviously, there are a variety of other aspects to consider, such as miter gauge, build quality, weight, and so on.


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