EGO 480 CFM Blower Review

A leaf blower is a mechanized garden tool for blowing off fallen leaves and small debris and it is a very useful tool for any homeowner. And today we will review the Ego 480 CFM leaf blower (model number: LB4800). First of let’s talk about Ego company. Who are they? Where they come from? Who makes tools for them? If you check their site, then you most likely will not find this information.

But after a closer look, I have found some information. Most likely, garden tools for the Ego company are made by a German company Karcher. Because all Ego Power+ tools look exactly like tools from Karcher but have different colors.

Review: Ego Power 480 CFM Leaf Blower

Karcher LB850BP leaf blower on the left and Ego Power 480 CFM on the right. Find the difference.

Karcher makes good products that are highly rated by buyers most of the time. So, Ego Power tools should be just as good as Karcher tools.

Ego 480 CFM Leaf Blower Review

Review: Ego Power 480 CFM what inside the box

Ego Power 480 CFM: what inside the box?

  • Ego Power Blower (the cat is not included 🙂 )
  • 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery
  • Charger kit

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Review: Ego Power 480 Assembled

The Ego 480 CFM leaf blower assembled. Do not pay attention to the black inscriptions on the blower. It’s just the ex-display leaf blower that was bought from the eBay.

This leaf blower is equipped with a brushless motor with 10000-21000 rpm. The engine looks beautiful, similar to the turbofan engine of the aircraft.

Review: Ego Power 480 CFM motor

And the Ego Power 480 CFM leaf blower is not super noisy, a sound level comparable to a vacuum cleaner. The pipe is quickly-detachable and is fixed to the bayonet connector. The weight of this leaf blower is around 5.26 lbs (without battery pack). The maximum air volume is 480 CFM. And this leaf blower has 3-speed:

  • Speed 1 – High Efficiency: 250 CFM
  • Speed 2 – High Power: 385 CFM
  • Speed 3 – Turbo Boost: 480 CFM

Air velocity is around 92 MPH (max). Ego Power+ 480 CFM is powered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery with run-time approximate: 60 minutes at low speed; 18 minutes at medium speed; and around 10 minutes at turbo speed. And battery charging time is around 30 minutes which is fast. It’s good to have a spare battery to swap them while using this cordless leaf blower (one battery in use, the second one is in charge) but spare batteries are expensive. So that the biggest disadvantage of this leaf blower.

Air velocity is smoothly controlled by a green knob, and there is a “rabbit” picture at the side which means a fast-speed. And on the other side, there is a turtle picture which means low-speed.

To increase the air velocity, turn the air velocity adjusting knob clockwise when the blower runs; to reduce the air velocity, turn the knob counterclockwise.

Ego 480 blower review: adjustment know - max speed

Rabbit – max. air velocity

Ego 480 cfm blower review: adjustment know - low speed

Turtle – low air velocity

The handle is rubberized, the grip is comfortable. The Ego 480 CFM blower turns on by pressing two buttons on the handle (from above – blocking button, from below – working button), like on a chainsaw. There is no button fixation. To operate this leaf blower, you need to press the trigger constantly.

Ego 480 blower review: ruberized handle

Ego 480 blower review: turbo button

To enhance the air velocity, press the boost button to temporarily amplify the airspeed to the maximum. The blower will resume the previous speed when this button is released.

Ego 480 CFM Blower Review

There were no leaves outside but there was the snow! So, it’s was tested as a tool to clear a car from the snow and it works well. Another way to use this cordless blower.

Ego 480 CFM review

Ego Power 480 CFM leaf blower demonstration.

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