Resident Evil 7 Dog Heads Location

Resident Evil 7 First Dog Head Location.

The first head. It’s very easy to find the first dog head. Take the pendulum from the big clock and paste it into the analogous clock that is in the kitchen where you met the Bakers. Once you have got the first dog head go back to the central hall.

Resident Evil 7 Second Dog Head Location

Getting the second dog head is easy too. Go to the second floor and go into the door, which is near an elderly woman. Further, go to the balcony (to the right) and go through the wooden door on the left (at the end of the balcony you can find various supplies). In the room you can search for useful items, there is also a video of Mia (it is not necessary to pass it, but if you still decide, then prepare to constantly hide from the woman pursuing you). The head is in the book, at the left of the table with the TV.

Resident Evil 7 Third Dog Head

Resident Evil 7 – Third dog head location. First, you need to solve the puzzle with the projector, for this, you need to find a strange figure. On the second floor, find the bathroom, by lowering the water the figure will lie in the tub. As soon as you take it our old friend will break in – Jack. Runaway from him to the first floor and hide there when he goes away go back to the projector. Your task is to arrange the figure so that it looks like a crow, which is depicted in the picture.

Having solved a simple puzzle you will open a secret passage. In the room with trophies pick up the stimulants, applying them you will see the location of all objects. After searching the rooms, run to the end of the corridor. Before you go down the stairs to the basement, check the room to the left from the stairs. The basement is a big threat because of the molds that live there. Kill them fairly simply, 2-3 headshots is enough.

You need to get to the cremation room. In this room open the last oven and oven with a handprint. In this way, you will open the first oven, but from it, a strong monster will come out. It is better not to waste ammo, quickly take the key from the same furnace and run away until the monster disappears. Behind the crematorium, be sure to look around the room behind a green screen in one of them you will find a key in the form of a scorpion – with this key you can open the doors with a scorpion (you can get a shotgun, but it’s better to wait with it for now).

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