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Unique Gift: Soap with money inside

Soap with the money inside?

Soap with Money in it
Yes, you were not mistaken and read correctly, this unique product will be an ideal gift for everyone. You can just gift money, for example to your children, but would be the best, to gift them this amazing bar soap with the REAL money inside! Such an unusual gift certainly no one will forget and will remember it for a long time.
Inside this soap is real money and to get them, you’ll have to wash yourself a few times.

Fun rating
80 %

But do not worry, the money inside is protected with a special film, so water will not hurt them. And this soap will appeal to those who like to play the lottery, because the amount of money inside this soap can be absolutely different – 1, 5, 10, 20, and if you’re lucky, even $ 50! With this soap, you can give your kids reasons to wash their hands more often! Teaching kids to wash was never been so easy!

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