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11 Best Hiking Socks to Prevent Blisters 2019

Blisters appear if the feet are too wet or, conversely, too dry and when the skin is too thin. So what is the best hiking and walking socks to prevents blisters? If the feet are sweating heavily then sporting socks will help to wick away the moisture. To avoid blisters, use special hiking socks and ...

Top 7: The Best Camping Headlamp

When you are going on a camping trip, don't forget to take with you such an essential camping gadget like a flashlight. But for many of us, it is extremely important that you can simultaneously illuminate the path, and have hands free. In this regard, the most convenient solution is the headlamp. ...

Top 5: Best Handheld GPS for Hiking (January 2018)

Any hiking trip will be several times more comfortable if you have a handheld GPS in your hands. Of course, for navigation, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone, but their charge is barely enough for half a day with an active use. But if your smartphone battery is discharged at the most ...

Top 6: The Best Hiking Backpack for the Money

Why sleep next to 15 other groups when you can take your hiking backpack and make a halt - all alone - literally anywhere you want? Beauty, loneliness, and the desire to test yourself are the reasons why enthusiasts do not hesitate to spend nights and even weeks, dragging all their gear behind ...

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