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Best Golf GPS 2019 – Top-Rated Golf GPS Units

We already know that there are many types of GPS units on the market, like a car GPS units – the purpose of which is obvious, there are active sports GPS units that are designed to increase the effectiveness of your training. Also, there are GPS for travelers, for hunters and fishermen. But what ...

Best Budget Hiking Pants 2019

There is nothing worse than hiking in jeans. They are uncomfortable, heavy, they are hot and if it rains and they get wet...you're stuck with even heavier and uncomfortable legwear than when you started out. Water will just sit on the cloth and feel just awful! They may also chafe in areas most ...

Best Goggles for Skiing and Snowboarding 2019

Skiing and snowboard goggles are an important part of your equipment on the slope since your riding quality literally depends on them. Ensuring good visibility is their main function. Some goggles offer a quick lens change that allows you to adjust to different light conditions. Other important ...

Best Hydration Pack for Cycling and Hiking 2019

Whether you are riding the trails on your mountain bike or walking in the storm through the forest, it is always useful to have a hydration pack. That's why we have made the list of the best hydration packs. These hydration packs will greatly simplify your life during your trip. Here you will ...

11 Best Gadgets for Hiking and Backpacking

Are you going on a trip and going to explore the wild places of our planet? Then you may need some gadgets from our list. Whether you are going on a hiking trip or a backpacking trip, our list contains the best gadgets for any kind of travel.   1. Motorola MH230R Two-Way Radio Not ...

5 Best EDC Multi Tools 2019 (from under $50)

In 1975, Timothy S.Leatherman traveled with his wife across Europe and the Middle East. Unfortunately, their trip was marred by a couple of troubles - the car they rented often broke, and in the hotels, they stopped there were problems with plumbing. During this trip, Mr.Leatherman realized that a ...

Best Activity Tracker for Kids

Modern kids are very well versed in technology. This invasion of "machines" forces the younger generation to spend more and more time using smartphones, tablets, and computers. But if you want your kids to stay in shape and at least a little distracted from their smartphones, consoles or ...

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